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Name is Frank William abergnail While the film was highly. Entertaining sometimes it's best just to. Get the story straight from the source especially when it's a story is convoluted as the, one you're about to hear Frank abergnail, spoke to Google really happened in his, transformation from one of the world's most notorious conman to an international cybersecurity superstar in film imprint takeaways that he shares are the real deal I was raised just north of New York City in Westchester county New York. I was actually one of four children. In the family the so-called middle. Child of the four I was educated there by the Christian. Brothers of Ireland in a private Catholic school called Iona, where I went to school from kindergarten to high. School something happened. In young Frank's life that would shake him to the core his parents were getting a divorce I remember being in. The tenth grade when the father, walked in the classroom when afternoon nasty brother to excuse me from. Class when I came out in the hallway the father handed me my books and told me that, one of the brothers would drive me to the. County seat and why planes new New York where I would meet my parents and they would explain. What was going on I remember. The brother dropped me at the steps of a big stone building and told me to, go on up two steps in my, parents would be waiting for me in, the lobby I remember climbing the steps seeing a sign on the building that said family court but I really didn't understand what that meant Arrived in the lobby. My parents were. Not there but I. Was into the back of an immense courtroom where my parents were staying before judge I couldn't hear what the judge was saying, or my parents response but eventually the judge saw me at the back of. The room and motion, me to approach the bench so I walked up to stand in between my parents I. Remember distinctly that the judge never looked at, me he never. Acknowledged I was standing there he's simply red from his papers and said that my parents were getting a. Divorce and because I was sixteen years of age I. Would need to tell the court which parent I chose to live with I. Started to cry so I turned and ran out of the courtroom judge call for a ten minute recess but by the. Time my parents got outside I was gone my mother never saw me again for about seven years until I was young adult contrary to the movie my father never saw me wherever spoke. To me again so Frank, did what many young men would do faced with such, a situation he ran in the mid nineteen Sixties running, away it was very popular, thing for young people a lot of them got caught up in Haight. Ashbury the hippie scene that, drugs seem instead I took a few belongs in my home pack them in a bag. Or. Did what was in the New Haven and Hartford railroad for the, short.

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