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Was I remember? Mick Jagger onstage, saying something like if you WanNa, learn to live a long time. Become a rolling stone and I was like Oh. Yeah, he gets a say. He is a rolling stone. He is what about Brian Jones. Just saying well. Trying to build a broader point, just crumble. But. He but but but. I'm older. Women have been through a lot. If beastie boys broke up and we're in a band in I'd be okay like we'd figure it out. MIATA and Mike would still be friends like it would just wouldn't be doing this thing and we were very successful. I'm very happy. In my life, so. I'm okay hey. You know what I mean, but. It's sad. It's just said Yeah. I think it's puzzling. Sad because. Talking about like even at towards the end, Rin Yuccas doing treatments for cancer, and it was like we would go to the studio every day because he wanted to. Because that was the thing of like, we wanted to be around each other so somehow. Still, alive and we had stopped being a ban. It wouldn't have been because we didn't want to be with each other. It would have been somehow maybe we didn't. We didn't feel genuine or authentic, making music, or whatever or we just more interesting whatever the thing would have been, but it wouldn't have been because we didn't. Want to be with each other and I think more probable than anything else. We would still keep doing it because we really look forward to that time of being with each other, and that's the unique thing in this whole weird frigging frigging thing that we did for decades of our lives, and now I'm going to ask something that could be really offensive and I apologize, but I just I'm not hip to it because I'm into comedy. Oh big big disclaimer disclaimer, are you? Are you still making music? That's the part I'm afraid it's going to offend you that. Bad because you could. Like Solo hit albums that I missed and then. Right yeah. I didn't WanNa like your Walter. Becker and I don't. Manage! My personal management talked about this. That's why I'm doing this agreed to do this. You're obviously not a fan of the La Philharmonic or poetry slams because they know what I'm doing all the time Mike. My guess is just that you workout in Laird Hamilton's pool. That's my singular guests about what you're doing I've put some time in there. And what do you think I'm doing eating fucking Russell's basement. I don't have a basement so. I think boy. I can make a pretty good. Let me, just ask Mike Be. Have you ever worked out alert Hamilton's pool? For Real question for real. Yes, okay, so. That's a pretty amazing. I don't know. Probably knew already..

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