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Coach your love them so how did any different no different so once you start going down the pitch this train that that's where it but there were comes from his wh you know we know in all across the west thursday it's just a fundamental inability to trump people have to recognize that life is sacred to recognize that life has inherent value employees flirt during the earlier disabled or there or there or or they've got these other external factors admit their life less desirable we might as well get rid of them because there's no reason to keep them around the kinda look utilitarian realistic you'll why that is going to use all on close all longest convenient to those around it and so we keep around but wanted and that we get rid of it and it's just a uk horrify told try to explain what i wrote about the once who once you put yourself on that side of the argument you and it's not hyperbole you have put yourself on the same side at all of the worst people in the history of the you're that all of the worst atrocities live ever been committed have always been committed with that kind of thinking so you not for you your place yourself on that side and and gridlock mac os so matt is there do you find any uh cause of concern have you have you read what the pope actually said not just the release but uh they are the newspaper account from it but but what he actually the in the entire thing the story with the vatican fia the bishop gratitude comes out with a statement that all but explicitly endorses uh the courts i'm hospital and take their side in it which was which was horrified couldn't as a cynical as i am especially about this pope sometimes i couldn't even couldn't believe that i couldn't believe actually did that because we need we need the vatican catholic church too be prolife dopey it's been wanted the only polar much that would go away to move quickly the catholic i just couldn't stomach but i'm at the pump comes out and got vague tweet many and then it comes out in any fair the renewed orca but childern at the vatican offers to take the child into the vatican hospital which of course the other possible to climb up but at.

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