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Special guests for this episode of the Podcast Are Vegas Entertainers and married. Couple Mackenzie Fly and Colin. Kahl before cove nineteen shutdown. Las Vegas McKenzie was one of the leads in the show. Sex Tips for straight women from a gay man at the Paris. Las Vegas and Colin was performing as part of Spiegel world's newest Vegas show atomic saloon at Venetian which I reviewed all the way back in episode number forty seven as a part of my December trip report when they were involuntarily forced out of their respective gigs by the corona virus. The pair wanted to keep performing so they launched their own comedy. Music duo Mac and cheese so far the pair of written released four original pandemic theme songs covering a multitude of topics including how to keep betty white alive and the worldwide toilet paper shortage. Mackenzie and Colin join me via zoom from their home in Las Vegas. We talked about their life before the shutdown. We discussed a little bit about what Vegas shows might look like once things open back up. We talked about the genesis of Mac and cheese. And whether or not the act has a future beyond the pandemic plays. Enjoy my conversation with Mackenzie Fly and Colin Kahl AKA MAC and cheese. Mackenzie started Matt Rosie Young Girl Kansas. Nope we were both transplants. We both moved here.

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