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I start tightening up too much i from early position. I start tightening up too much. What ends up happening. More often than not is i find myself. Dwindled down to twenty two big winds. And i'm like i'll faulk now. Now you're playing like chauffeured. Verse raises a lot and stuff like that. Yeah it's definitely an issue and if you think about it like this to your this is a pretty wide open that we just saw them to the right and this is assuming that it's playing against itself right the solver so that's a pretty tough player. That's playing against the three beds. A lot puts it in tough spots in reality. A lot of tables where people don't really three bet much versus thirty big sex as you might actually get away with more raises than are on the charts like the next level of using this information is like oh if can do this against the top player maybe against like a soft light degrees king five suited or i can raise pocket fours or as adolf suit or something like that. I listen. I already feel like i'm ready to play tournament. Let's go. I'm doing okay. Let's let's get really fun and you start saying this up. You're like. I wanna use this now okay. So this is the classic via what. Is this your how to play a hand from anywhere at any stack size. Yes so okay so basically. Let's say you take a hand. That's tough for you. Like jackie suited. If you click on. Jackie suited jack. So that's on a click on jacket suited. There you go yeah so. Let's say that jackie too. It's a hand that you weren't really sure. Play from early middle position. Whatever you feel less confident with it so now if you go over to that created that you're on you look at it that british showing you how to play jacket suited from every position on every stack size when it's unopened to you. So look if you look at like under the words yuji fifteen at the top left.

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