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For a while it they gave me hope it's just like why can't wonderwoman in patty jenkins have their moment like why has ended up early of elements brilliantly done the morning you tell him to shut the fuck up now and luckily for us it's wonderwoman herself linda carter came out today that today this week and posted something on her personal facebook account which i just love didn if you can't read it here's what it says the james cameron stop dissing wonderwoman you poor soul it's classy put down then perhaps you don't understand the character i most certainly do like all women we are more than the sum of our parts your thuggish jabs at brilliant director petty jenkins are ill advised this movie was spot on galgudug was great i know mr cameron because i haven't body this character for more than forty years so stop it uh oh uh that makes me tear up he's like that's my wonderwoman right there i may give you imagine how angry she has to be were she's like i got a listen to this muffler command spleen apart that i've been playing for forty years man has been added she's been forced to carry that mantle because there's been no one else for a long time i think she's happy to have a sister who can also share that character with her now what she's like no i won't let you take that away from us in a good for her good for her speaking of wonderwoman at dc comics has announced they're putting movie theme to comic book covers are all the comic books now so you know justice league is coming out in november their work in up to it so now the comic book covers for the counts will look like the characters do in the movie oh i guess that's marketing that may have mark because you want people who read comics to get it right for example this is the cover for wonderwoman 34 which is on sale in november gorgeous which reminds me how much i love that wonderwoman constume and then there's the flash which reminds me how much i fled.

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