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Of I 10 Private drive time between the East for 10 and 16 0 for traveling on to 81 5 Minute Drive time from the north of 60, No courts or respond. Parkway Shannon Sampson, NewsRadio 100 Wook. Cool weather expected is we got through that ice him hours alone. The upper forties. Just a few clouds. Some plants around to begin Tuesday. They mainly sunny skies for the afternoon high getting up to around 80 meteorologist Mark Thibodeaux from the Weather Channel on San Antonio's official weather Station. NewsRadio, 1200 of you Away. I don't miss decision 2020 election night with expert analysis and constant updates from across the country. Join me, Ryan Gorman. Tomorrow night on NewsRadio. 1200 W Away. I Hands on the I heart radio at before the wind blows. The storm hits or treat. Romantic electric cooperative is working to keep your power on through extensive equipment upgrades right away maintenance and member engagement. We make reliability, the cornerstone of everything we do. By the time the storm does hit, our team has already been mobilized to lessen the impact or wire to make a difference. Learn more my ar e si dot com Rat Panic Electric Cooperative Way R R D C. Is your business looking to cut costs without cutting employee benefits? If so, consider one of the many health plans from UnitedHealthcare with benefits like virtual weight loss, coaching and Dr Video chats. Plus, these plans may help lower your health benefit costs by up to 21%. See how much your company may save.

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