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Mark Moreno, welcome back to the Carl Jackson show podcast. It was such an exciting time having you on last time. I'm looking forward to this interview. Thank you very much. Yeah, we have a lot to talk about because we are we are living in the midst of probably the most radical transformation in our lifetime and our parents lifetime possibly right now. So thank you. Absolutely, absolutely. And by the way, guys, make sure you go out and get the book and we'll have a we'll have a link. What we'll do, mark as well as create a link so that people can buy this book I think you need to seriously guys, we are up against greater forces than I think as Americans that I think Mark is totally right and what he's saying. We're up against greater forces than I think we realize perhaps even more so than some of our ancestors. We're not taking bullets right now, but when you hear what he's about to say in this interview, your jaws are going to drop. I know you're familiar with the great reset. It's been out there, but Mark, as usual, does a great job of fighting against the left and these global elites, whether it's climate change, and now all this all encompassing great recess. So be sure to get the book, the great reset, global elites, and the permanent lockdown. Be sure to check out his website, climate depot dot com. Mark, I go in there whenever I want to sound smart against a little liberals when it comes to global warming. I make sure that I check I check that out. So all right, so let's get right into this first. If you would just give us a basic background of the great reset, the origins of it, why it was so important for you to get into the fight. Talk a little bit about ESG, if you will, as well, Mark, because that's also something that we're battling just just the other day news broke that you get Wells Fargo. You get Citi bank there out there funding little trans parades for kids and all this kind of nonsense. And if we don't buy into this crap, then they're going to come after us, or they are. So talk a little bit about that, if you will. Well, I'll hold up. We'll get to ESG in a minute. Let me just give you the concept, the great reset. This goes back in America, at least to Woodrow Wilson's presidency in 1913, and the idea behind it is ruled by experts credentialed experts in administrative state, unelected bureaucrats, ruling huge parts of Americans lives. This was very appealing to the intellectuals during Wilson's time of World War I. The idea is we were the unwashed masses, the average American. We couldn't make these decisions that all these decisions will be made. In other words, what was best for us. So you fast forward in the 1930s, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He had a kitchen cabinet adviser I write about in the book named Stuart Chase. And he literally proposed the great reset back in 1932. He talked about state control of agriculture state control of energy, state control of information. I mean, he laid out a vision that literally sounded like it came from Klaus suave and the world can not reform. And he left ended with this chilling line. And he said, in 1932, this is Stuart Chase, a key adviser to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a president. Why should that Soviets have all the fun remaking the wow now I've updated that to why should the Chinese have all the fun remaking the world?.

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