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Or take the business to Asia? Yeah because it's it's It became very clear to us and the vast majority of crypto taking a retail business comes out of Asia. Every day you know PSA cryptovest very interesting market in in terms of makers and take his an alternative with. I use those terms in traditional space but I certainly didn't before did a crypto but makes liquidity providers. We tend to be very sort of western Western type based businesses. And then you've got the retail side of it. Who are the takers aggressive? They are very much Asian retail and and but the vast majority of future teaches drew's business comes out on the taking side comes out of China Korea Japan Vietnam Turkey so by moving out to Asia. emend that we can be close to this customer base that we really didn't know much about because always coming out The traditional space. And so you know that these big thumbs trading western trading trading from Saudi our trade crypto. And you could get relationships with them fairly easily but we will sort of scratching your head singing right. How do I get closer to our retail? Take a base to do that. We spoke to his. You know some of shareholders were were crypto guys based out of Asia and they were like look. You know you have to be here. Because the the customers need to know that you committed to that part of the world and that's how we ended up. Yeah Edgy spend any time in Asia just personally before this before the move I had I had done. I personally love the travelling around. Asia lived in Singapore for a while as well in the past but the majority of my life has been in London. But but but a hide hyped flavors of Asia. So I knew from sort of living perspective would be very very simple but but obviously the whole unknown was the business hide. Yeah Okay and the same goes for Marcus I presume of for mark. Actually the opposite. He had no experience of Asia from a living perspective. He is very much the Californian Boston in London.

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