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And Marketing G. O., L. D. spilling from every corner of the Dark Horse Entrepreneur HQ. So let's get to the starting gates and go. All right. My fellow Dr Courses Today's guests John Mada new started his incredible Sales Samurai journey back in his twenties. Yeah. You Heard Me Sales Samurai and he served under His Majesty's pleasure the British armed forces so even though he didn't feel like He was destined to be a soldier for the rest of his career. This experience kind of set the stage for his entrepreneurial path towards becoming a sale simmer I get John found this niche of his own by by combining his martial arts skills to complement his sales career having achieved a black belt in karate along with competing number in in numerous other arts he applied the mindset and strategies of the arts to his sales, allowing him to close deals like Ninja. John's life experiences enabled him to really empathize with people and their situations turning him into this problem solving assassin you feeling a trend here I like this not only does does he have this successful promising a sales future? He's also a speaker in the podcast host of success breeds success. So let's give John Aurora darker I welcome sale summary, Joe First of all John Welcome to the show. All right. Glad to have you here. It's not sleep pleasure to be on the DOT COM Schol of the negative issue as well. Thank you. I'm I'm going to step back in a moment to let you tell your story but I I WANNA make sure we get into this Sale Samurai thing because it's such a cool. I'm a big as you and I have discussed before I'm a big martial arts fan from from way back in my teens days. So when I saw Sale Samurai. I'm like, okay I have to talk to this guy before we go there. Let me just you know hand you the microphone a you tell your story. Came from what you do in why you love doing what you're doing. Yeah I mean I'm from a time called Bolton which in the northwest of England on this is kind of Manchester if I'm guessing most people have month justice saw yeah it's near the. Best, cow I kind of dot frequency, the frequency teenage years I was just doing kind of monotonous jobs and never really kinda phone. What still is Internet work to fly and. Kind of. What we start to take and then I kinda got into mealy twenty fault, right? For this, I'm going to do so. Get me out if saw I went into the British. As you've already mentioned, it didn't really work I. I would I didn't feel I was in the right regimen and was number of reasons why didn't pursue as a fulltime career? But I did some some really good life's goes a the two years I was the do teach you a lot of good stuff discipline, perseverance, kind of thing. Those traits are took from up. And then moving on I kind of when a left I kind of fell into the saw security industry driving work which love. Tend to do. So I was doing a lot of like cat. Nightclub secure in festival circuits and things on driving trucks and Robbie but never really kind of got me teeth into that. Never. Really. Felt that it was not wanting to persevering..

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