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Sure about your Thanksgiving plans this year due to the Corona virus, a big family gathering. How about a small dinner with just a few friends and relatives? No gathering is totally safe. Cleveland Clinic Dr Joseph Abaza says there's a serious risk of transmitting the virus, no matter how many or at the dinner table. His advice. Be careful. Limit the numbers. I don't think you'll ever regret being extra cautious in the middle of a pandemic. The regret can only occur if a loved one gets very sick as a result of your gather Derek Dennis ABC News with fears of another shutdown ordered because of searching covert cases, Kroger is going back. The putting limits on the purchases of certain kinds of products grocery store chain doesn't want Another run on paper products and disinfectant or the limiting those kinds of purchases to two per customer. Since a police investigating a weekend murder 54 year old Roberta Williams shot to death on Paddock Road Saturday night. No arrests have been made. Anyone with information should call Crimestoppers 35 to 30 40. Here we go into the jeopardy round on Categories are as follows of liking Jeopardy. Host Alex Drew back has passed away at the age of 80 the matter most to jeopardy for more than 30 years, says his interest in trivia got him fired. I'm a summer job that he had in Cincinnati years ago, Rebecca told W. CPL. In an interview from several years ago, His mother was hired as governess by a family in Cincinnati when he was a teenager. He says he worked for a while taking care of the garbage and a large apartment complex. Trebek says he would pull out of the garbage old magazines of people had thrown out. And and sit around and read them when he was supposed to be working, which ultimately led to his dismissal news radio 700 wlw Sport Bangles, I think 225 and one Bangles get ready this week for the undefeated Steelers, who they battle Sunday in Pittsburgh. More tonight on Bengals light at six or five right here on 700 wlw. Monday night. Football. New England up against the Windows New York Jets at 7 30 on ESPN. 15 30 College Football. Cincinnati Bearcats, rated seventh in the nation is weakened both The Associated Press and Coachespoll MLS soccer last night in her Miami CF defeats FC Cincinnati and the season finale 2 to 1. Build Edison 700 WLW sports. Give Dad a gift. Abel mean That's not a word. Yeah, listen, every gift a bull's yet Mr Prince Song says it right here. You know, when you give someone a gift that's so utterly thoughtful, so accustomed to them, so meant for that person that they couldn't possibly think about parting with it..

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