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Gianluca de mind to spending a minute just explaining to us on very high level. You know what is solvency to regulation solvency absolutely solvency deregulation is a framework and the new framework on capital requirements NSA that came into force beginning thousand sixteen at regulation that tried to create Levin Blaine field in the calculation of capital requirement ending produced a risk-based regime for Darkwa meant calculation so did On for Insurance Company that have to follow Fukuda fool collision of capital requirements and Halo Company to use a standard Broacha that is the same for each company did they dishonor formula otherwise companies are allowed to implementer to obtain approval by over an internal model internal Motorola if if framework based not only on Monta Monica Lynne statistical models but also on on governor answer on route supposedly sees etcetera etcetera aw that's a low companies to implement their own ah more della to better obtain a better presentation of the risk profile silence of the company's great thank you for that so the Cro Forum and recently published a White Paper Entitled Insurance and Distributed Ledger Technology from a risk management perspective so why is it that you guys produce this white paper and what was the objective of it yeah so hyper has surrounded his beauty alleged technology and especially blockchain over the last few years so since the birth of the BITCOIN CRYPTOCURRENCY AC- high in criticism to have been fueled by Irvine Bijon says Wella misconceptions these technologies have not yet the Lebron promises but several experts believed that dod as potential can transform the financial services sector so zeros are what position to play a critical role and threatened the innovation initiatives deceitful forum paper is meant as a practical tool for managing and the component of a productive phase of D. A. D. or of additional risk management free more remain the leader specific issues to consider when assessing assessing the risk of DOT BAYS application keep it by findings address the early stage of Deity based solution when adopted without some of these Asian face uncertainty as sweat as strategic risks of course of course so it's about him in your personal opinion what key findings findings of this report did you find interesting. Yeah I think personally I believe that the paper first of all captures today's status quo well for the insurance markets. US offer every salon just deal more importantly I think.

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