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Just before Willis street that was blocking may H. O. T. the hot lane is the moved over to the right shoulder troll is still there on the scene I next couple traffic at nine fourteen general Donal has the forecast hi everybody this Thursday night how about a little bit lower in snow is that it it's not going to last very long and there will be very much of it but it was good to see a few flurries in flakes here through the course of our Thursday night because of the cold air still in place the precipitation on the way it's going to Max out here pretty quickly we've got stronger southerly winds that will kick in with this disturbance and they will warm things up really quickly in the lower to rain we'll stick around two thousand two nice slow enough to keep the snow flying over the passes we'll see an insured to overnight tonight through tomorrow morning so if your past travel in mind probably best to get across sooner rather than later because it will be a little trickier especially after mid night into Friday morning the cascades in the coming weather center I'm meteorologist thirty six degrees in Seattle stay informed home all night side it is time nine oh five art Sanders in your top local stories from the cold twenty four seven news center a woman is dead a man rushed to the hospital and what can county after gunfire erupts at a home this morning almost bill o'neil has more deputies were called to a condo complex on marine drive in Bellingham where they discovered a fifty eight year old woman dead from a gunshot wound her fifty six year old husband was rushed to the hospital with what appears to be a self inflicted gunshot wound to pets were also found dead inside of the home investigators are still trying to piece together exactly why it all happened hello Neil homeowners king county sheriff's office is looking for answers in the death of a thirty four year old man the medical examiner's office is real Brandt Smith's death a homicide ever this gnomish county man was discovered earlier this week near logging road in Skykomish the man has been rushed to the hospital after shooting in Mill Creek this Thomas county sheriff's office as it happened just before five this afternoon outside business long thirty ninth Avenue southeast that's where the injured man who was shot in the arm became involved in an argument with the suspected shooter who fled the area in a vehicle and some people need a whole mothers have homes with extra space come was Ryan Harris talk to the head of a group that puts the two together it's not just people who need a roof over their heads but says mark Meryl director of shared housing services in Tacoma people who already have a home with empty rooms they might not be able to afford to keep like a senior that the landlord has come and said I know even pay and six hundred dollars a month but I can get eight hundred so I'm racing around someone that maybe are injured at work for awhile and they need that lower rent payment to be able to say what first last and deposit to get their own place Meryl says students are among those who need.

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