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Truly remarkable progress in moving our nation forward Vice President Mike Pants providing a Corona virus update. As we were reported today. We have now more than 2,500,000 Americans contract of the Corona virus on sadly, we've lost more than 126,000 of our countrymen to this disease. Dangerous spike in Corona virus cases has Texas and Florida peeling back some of the reopening and several other states, pausing reopening. Correspondent Clayton Nevel is in Houston. The Texas Restaurant Association supports Governor Abbott's decision to close all bars and reduce restaurant capacity to 50% is the cove it 19 positivity rate soars over 10% Tr A president Emily Williams, Knight says there are several measures that will help restaurant survived. The restrictions were gonna continue to use outdoor patios were continue to ask the governor's office to expand the alcohol. Weaver, which would allow a lot of the alcohol and mixed soda beverages on site to be sent out. In addition to restrictions for bars and restaurants, all tubing businesses have to close an outdoor events of 100 or more people have to be approved by local governments. Clayton Nevel, Dallas correspondent Stephanie Elam reports. California's also saying record breaking new infections Look at Los Angeles County, which has been really the epicenter of the outbreak here in California. The numbers Have not gotten any better. We see that we had more than 2000 new cases coming in yesterday. But what's interesting here? Is that the county of stopping short of saying that this is because of the protest ng that we've seen here. For days in Los Angeles County, Florida has banned alcohol consumption at its bars after its daily confirmed Corona virus cases neared 9000 almost double the previous record set Just two days ago on Wall Street, the Dow down 5 20 I'm Mike Morse. You've been camping in your backyard. Cycling in.

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