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I talked to a couple of guys that have been in the league longtime and they they They hold george in in very high regard. They said he's a grinder is a guy that will be an early and stay late. He understands the game. He's not going to give you any information meeting you Members of the press which is fine. I think i think too often those that do that. Wind up getting themselves in trouble. But i think peyton looks at this roster with some good players on it and and really wants to add to that george payton can't afford to. I'm not saying they're not gonna try to win this year but george peyton looks at this long term. He's got a six year deal and so he could afford to build this thing right the way you build it to me as you get as many good football players as you possibly can if that means you have the ninth pick and you wanna trade down and get an extra second round. Pick with somebody who wants to move up to the nice slot. You may entertain doing that. Because you want to fortify this roster and there are certain positions and of course you've got to go but i mean there's certain positions that we all know the broncos desperately need help in so i think he's done fine. It'll be interesting to see sort of approach in the in the draft and what direction they go but it would not surprise me in the least if the broncos trade now that ninth overall selection and try to get as many quality picks as they possibly can then. The key is you. Don't make mistakes in the draft. Not you're gonna make some mistakes but you don't make as many mistakes as what we've seen recently here into. Here's the best in the biz. Ver- reason dave really appreciate you. Give me some time here at night. Can't wait to hear you again tomorrow. Nine to noon. Like would you ever day. And i'm picking your to win. Two games in the big dances. Let you know so. I believe i believe it's yours so so am i. I'm looking forward to see what the buffs can do all right. Thanks dave logan you can catch him every weekday nine to noon on. Logan and louis really appreciate dave logan. They're.

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