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In your name is jerry musical enjoy what organization eu with colombo back at which your role of colombo bank i run the commercial lenny division for the organization you run the commercial lending division for a bank okay we were speaking earlier one impressed me though is how young the you begin your entrepreneurial career was about seven or eight years old and what we do with i'd organiz doug group of kids my neighborhood to uh pick flowers strike flowers to go doortodoor in song to the housewives wise that were staying at home at that time we're we're we're what area was the sin of the 20th neighborhood uhhuh and this is a this is a moral than rockville maryland correct uh this so a welltodo neighborhood her was this civil kind of neighbourhood lower bluecollar everyone in that neighborhood worked hard on many a work multiple jobs sport family so you were seven or eight you were you were helping you were making money you had a creative idea and you were pulling other kids to help you do this absolutely so you're nature's to come up with ideas and then the organized other people around those ideas pretty much a hot what's i'd have to do with being the being it says here you the chief lending officer for colombo bank well we work so many different companies and uh owners of companies it's only at the top they need someone to bounce ideas off all they need suggestions ideas they need introduction so we kind of pull other professionals into our relationships at the same time wait a minute wave europe banker i thought that basically somebody comes you for money you tell him though and what your telomeres that's not what happened you're sitting there and you're talking to them about their business making introductions in adding value and really find the become part of the team yeah it so uh i classify that were called that a consultative banking relationship with the website address for this.

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