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I got Johnny. Oh here with me today. John when I'm talking with a lot of our listeners, and I know you do this to follow you on social media. So I know you're very active with this. But that's that's a great place where I'm able to communicate with a lot of our listeners a lot of our students and a lot of them are saying that they don't have enough money for retirement, and those that do have enough money are saying, they're not quite sure how to safely invest it. And then the key word that keeps coming up over and over these conversations is that word safely, invest, it know right now inside our financial markets. The market go with the Dow go up five hundred points one day in the down five hundred points. The next day. There's a lot of all its sodium, especially with prices being so high rightfully so people are very very concerned that they're going to lose some of the big chunk of their retirement. Like we did back in two thousand seven like we did back in the early two thousands. And so one of the things I was I would like to see like to hear from you. Or what are some of the key points? What are some of the key points that you could share with our financial family out? There are radio listeners on what they could be doing to number one protect those retirement accounts and number to keep them growing. You'll keep them generating income for tomorrow without kind of you know, I guess it goes into that protection without limiting depsite. Well, there's no question that price volatility is a challenge. Especially in today's world. We are living regardless of what political parties in power. We are living in a time of very aggressive uncertainty and a lot of it is going to continue. I mean, there's no. No place to hide that's perfectly safe. But there are strategies one can apply, and let's talk about some of the risks that are out there to.

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