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The cool thing about living in Nashville is not only all the country music stars but this is the home of Christian music as well and so the iconic figures in Christian music wonderfully have become my friends over the years Steven Curtis Chapman joins us this hour okay his his Mike's not on no it's not no it's not that's Dave come in here and check it please I think we got a problem with it I don't know what happened okay so anyway all that big hell that big set up and then there we get that but check one two all right anyway actually because Chapman joins me this hour this last segment here hello hello there is my brother Harun settle well air gap thing if we play yeah that's right yeah I think we we think we had it on the radio around here before first day first anyway Stephen I've been friends for many years and you know some of the iconic people in Christian music Amy Grant Michael W. Smith Steven Curtis live in the area they're all friends with each other friends of mine here Sharon's in our our our our spouses know each other and all the country music people interactive little known fact or maybe it may be well known fact is a lot of country music folks have a a secret gospel track in their heart that they all want to do a gospel album Elvis did gospel albums with virtually every country music star eventually does a gospel album or song or two yeah I get mixed in there so when we get to do it guys get together on my back porch it's not unusual to have John rich and Steven Curtis and Mary I talk about stuff I never heard of it I'm always a child yeah get we've met that's where I've hung out with kix Brooks and we got to hang out with them some some heroes of mine Larry gallery at the hang out at your place so you give me some amazing opportunities to connect with some heroes of mine and some great music guys and and you play a very pivotal role in this in this song and you you know this but your listeners will you will need to appreciate you even more as the great connector of people that you are in can be so I'd written a song just watching honestly here's the bottom line I was hearing the word together I was hearing phrases and things that I have not coming out of my television set that I have not heard in years and months and years because seems like everything coming off of that screen is is division and and and and anything but togetherness and suddenly wouldn't be like a global pandemic to make a start talking about what's eternally true were actually made for relationship actually need each other actually not the enemy even though we feel that way and we've got different opinions different ways of doing it and thinking about it but the truth is we're all in this together and suddenly it seemed like some people were talking about that and get in that and I was hearing this word together we'll get through this together and it was something that was like this dark room this dark cloud in the little ray of light came shining through and I thought I'm gonna go kick the door open and see if I get a lot more light in you know get a little more of that good stuff and summarize song said Amazon put together we'll get through this sovereign the song I'm thinking this is a song that needs some other people from singing about together and I'd love to get some people from different genres of music I could almost imagine kind of we are the world let's get a bunch of us not just you know all of us in our same community but if I could get some folks from different places and I thought Brad Paisley because Brad not connected we've done a few things together over the years he's a great man great heart does great work his story that he and his wife Kimberly have started he wore a show hope T. shirt on the Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show one year went one night and organization my wife and I started a nonprofit to help adoptive families and children and the families and so we connected and bonded over a few things but we ended up at a Glen Campbell tribute concert when passed away four years ago and said you know Hey let's let's do something together some day well I don't know how to reach him because I'm not everyone those guys go he can I get your number sung by a year later so I didn't bother and didn't get it but I knew that you knew Brad and had had a party your gatherings occasionally and invite him to be and I don't know how to reach him so I see you he said Hey Dave I've written a song and I this is weird I don't want to do some weird but if you would let Brad no that I'd love to reach him if he's got any interest make it really easy for him to say I only get bug bite Chapman gathered is that guy anyway and so immediately and you even prep me said it might take awhile you know he didn't always respond real immediately he almost made a response Hey give them my number give me give me you know my number in my email so I emailed him I didn't hear anything for about three days almost gave up thought you know what he's busy and have time for this I got a text message that number two I texted him he immediately text back said did you not get my email some happened I didn't get it he said I me and listen to it so you and him I got a minute yes lane to join this marlin amazing country artist sweet sweet lady and Tasha Cobbs Leonard I want to discuss the choir I couldn't get a gospel choir in social distancing so I got the next best thing Tasha Cobbs Leonard areas the gospel a man in America the song is called together we'll get through this okay and it comes out today yeah right now today is the longest and we're honored that you make this part of the launch thank you brothers we are part of it very nice little I thank very neat proud of you and Brad and all of you for putting this together and some of the proceeds from the songs are going to go into the Opry trust fund to help musicians there and folks impacted buckled nineteen and also to the gospel music association find that helps artist and and musicians and songwriters in the same way because we'll be using business been devastated by this out shut down looking like a glance at what you do exactly next up so I mean you show records but because regarding online I mean you can sell music but you can't do a conference right can't do anything there so and sure you can get the song we're gonna play it right now yeah you can get the song by Steven Curtis Chapman and.

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