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Wanted and forty fifth Kentucky Derby decided by the officials not the horse's trainer. Bill. Mod is now a Kentucky Derby winner and his runner country. House was the second one across the line the first place finisher maximum security was disqualified after the stewards ruled he'd impeded country houses path, the winning jockey is Flavian Pratt. We never met because it was a whole series between us, but. The wholesome nightside. He. The heat on my whole. So it kind of tell me sideways, and and it's. It's the quota pulled actually I was making a run in countless momentum code of honor and Tacitus rounded out the top three will Clark Louisville. British Prime Minister Theresa may says they're conservative government and the opposition labor party who got to get together to strike a deal on Brexit. She says I choice, but it's the only choice. News analysis at townhall dot com. Healthcare professionals from around the world are here in Washington DC this weekend cluding our very own. Dr Charles Neider, the world healthcare, congress draws both national international experts on innovations in both delivering and financing healthcare common. Themes, included, educating empowering, consumers addressing social determinants of health and rewarding evidence base standardized and coordinated care Charleston in Washington, one of the world's biggest and most powerful steam locomotives is chugging onto its big debut after five years of restoration big boy, number forty fourteen rolled out of the Pacific restoration yard and Cheyenne Wyoming yesterday, it's off to Ogden Utah. To celebrate the one hundred fiftieth anniversary of the transcontinental railroad. How big is this thing longer than two city buses heavier than Boeing seven forty seven fully loaded and strong enough to pull sixteen statues of liberty over a mountain range. More on these stories at townhall dot com. It's so nice. Now, the kids are asleep. Cheers. We got the kids are house a stable income chicken off all the boxes, but there's one box. We haven't checked off. Let's life insurance. We don't need to think about that. Now, where young that's why now is the best time life insurance gets more expensive, the older you get, but I don't have time to do a blood test such a.

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