A new story from Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel


Not what you fight about. Okay. So you let me know. Yeah. Oh, absolutely. I would love for you to write to me within two weeks. Two weeks. Okay. Okay. Yeah. I'm going to be doing some shots. For some sexy costumes. Just so he doesn't find my box of laundry. The letters they sent were very encouraging. And one of the things she writes is that something changed. About the way I thought about our differences. Having some knowledge about the various psychological constructs that impacted our reactions. We're never framed in such a way that resonated deeply with me. But this time, it has softened me in a sudden and unexpected way. Seeing the true vulnerability in my husband changed how I hear his reactions and experienced the more difficult parts of his personality. It gives me a new perspective to take into my responses and reactions to him as well. I suppose it was the kick in the teeth that I desperately needed, along with some much needed insight and perspective. His letter was also very important for me to read because he had been very reluctant to join his wife for the session. He was a self proclaimed skeptic. And his opening sentence of the letter said just as such. As always, even coming out of the session, I remain a skeptic. But one thing we definitely took away was having actual conversations with each other. There have been a couple of times when it looked like things could flare up, but they immediately died out and withered. In one of those instances, I initiated the touching. That was recommended in the session and it killed an.

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