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Having wonderful these things Mike God that's gonna be the downfall. Here. I am trying to powerhouse gym Eastlake every day in got that Papa crack candy. All that. That is good stuff. All those vegan candies are White House. You're I mean, you're the pro at that is that all top notch stuff right there. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I think most of it tastes like. If. If you're looking at a lot of the other candies, they taste like kind of those cardboard meal replacement bar type thing. This is so nice to have something that actually tastes good. It's got creamy chocolate. It's got was when we had the pirate ship eight joker. Oh jokers. Was there wasn't even compiled ship. There was something wash Buckler bologna, that's the one. And what was that one? Again. What's the buccaneer fluffy chocolate nougat in a chocolate coating, so like a three musketeers? Are eight forty two. And it's always game time. Now since. Yeah. I'm going to ask each of you question. This one is called if you had to it's almost like a what would you do thing? But these little bit more in depth questions that you may have to think a little bit. And which ones that one which one. The opening like a three musketeers siding. Which one is that though. The buck in here..

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