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Town, fair studios, powered by town, fair tire. Nobody beats town fair tire. Nobody. Pete Rose studio tomorrow. We will have Peter Lonzo on the show on Wednesday. So. Just things look forward to Pete Rose tomorrow, new book out, and we got the first stop was set up months ago. I mean, I got a copy of book like four months ago. You know, one of the you know the original books before was a regular copy. So, and we set this up months and months ago. So it'd be hit a moral, and we have locked in the Lonzo for Wednesday. So we'll talk to the new Mets slugger. See I was things going for him on Wednesday. Mike flow park. What's up, Mike? Why might that's can't miss radio? What time is he coming on? I'm not sure you got time for Lonzo yet. No. No rose roses for tomorrow. Four tomorrow, NBA he'll be in studio tomorrow four people's. Oh my God. Hey, mike. Can I make well, first of all, good pick Kelly. I actually picked him for the PGA. He is such a good kid. I'm so happy to town to plan. He's so big and I got I take I take the masters. I'm gonna pick Mickelson for the I don't. I would root crow I'll root crazy if he's in front. But I don't I can't see it. I just don't think he just don't think he could hit fairways. Hey, mike. Right. He loves pebble but I just don't think I mean, I hope you're right. But I don't see it. Go ahead. What I hope I am to comment on the Mets. And this is how I can I talk about them anymore. The meadow organization is just happy to be the best of the worst. That's how I see them. That's all they want to do. Just be better than the worst. Maybe make a the bottom Sita wildcard by Deaton. Some of the worst things around the Mets awful team. Well, I'm in love obviously you've you Anthony east Hanover. What's up? Thing. On mike. Good. I'm not gonna destroy them at the last call even though I frequently but I was calling about Jeff wilpon today, not that not that mostly will be calling about right. Tell the team and that because the owners can do whatever they want. Here's my problem with the Mets. Is that if you remember this off season when the Mets were looking for GM off the bat cast of the GM pool? And most, if not all of the top GM's, they wouldn't even sit down and interview with the Mex. So I laugh when people start saying, you know, Joe Girardi here get so shouldering, your guys Mike and those from this off season, when never work for the Mets, because final baseball decisions are made by devil. Most. It's not true. It's the way you get it from. It's not true. I mean I wish I could convince you, it's not true. He's not doing that. I, I don't know why you think he is. But he's not gonna decisions. He led his general management decisions, why would a guy like Brodie van wagon leave being one of the most lucrative agents in the country. And take a job, which is a risky job, a job where he can get destroyed. He can see ready how bad it can get bad. It's been the last couple of weeks. Why would he take that job if he wasn't making the decisions? Why would he bother? Why would he leave he left? The job is one of the most lucrative baseball agents in the in the country. Guy didn't have need this. He didn't need to do that. He added job always make a lot of money. He took this job. You don't they took power. It's not true. He does have the power now those his decisions. Right. Or wrong decisions. Maneuver show. What's up? Hey, mike. Hawaii fourth horse race, but Mickey Callaway as a nice guy, but when he does press conferences, he sounds clues Bill de Blasio. He said he he does. He doesn't sound good. I. The nice guy does he he at least he doesn't have to admit he does, come off, like a nice guy, but he does not come off. Like he has a good grip on things. He does. Anyway. Mike TV g Saudi, I didn't know you were running, and that depend national race horses eleven to one. He got slammed at the end. And at the age was hanging, and then gone geared to sixteen poll, I was going to catch him. I put a few dollars to win on him. I have reverse exactly. But I'm not you were running, and I didn't handicap the race. But that person was a good race bike. Listen, five hundred thousand dollar purse surprised me how well he ran. I thought he was in a very defeat. He wasn't a very good field. He ran a big race biggest race of his life ran really well. They've done a very good job with that horse. I'm just an innocent bystander with us on the passenger. But you know what? Have a lot of fun with, but I'm not making any decisions with them. And they've done a great job of them. They really have cost crazed on very, very well. Give the, the main ONA Lea, and the and the trainable Mont, they get old credit. They've done a great job of really have. Ritchie and import Washington. What's up Ritchie? Hey, mike. I agree with your take on Jeff wilpon. I think that this is a case, probably of the Mets just overrating pitching a little bit, and most people didn't expect the ground to take us. You know, big step back from the grunt, send the gone heaven done their job, and then the bullpen hasn't done its job and can no hasn't done his job. That's a lot of negatives that they expected to be positives on this team. I would just say that, you know while they tried to build a team to compete into win that they probably haven't gone all in on the pitching in acquiring the depth that they need to get in order to go through the slumps and injuries. And, you know, you have Wheeler taking a big step back wall. So you have Matt. Inconsistent. I mean, the Mets really the only guy that's proven to be consistent has been degrom, and he's taking a step back this year. And the big surprise has been Alonzo's had an incredible season. I mean, he's, you know, he's nineteen home runs and forty AVI is. I mean he's incredible season. So far. They probably they probably expected between Fraser and Alonzo and Smith at someone would do. Okay. I mean, this is a huge fan but where do you see the Mets going, if they are going to be buyers at the trade deadline? What, what hold you think they'll try to fill? They'll try and fill the bullpen. And I think they'll try to get an feel bad. I think that's would be the two positive things they could do. I think that would be the two things pick up a bat which they do need adorable bat that they could pick up for the rest of the season. And also a relief pitcher and hope that, that relief pitcher turns out to give them a boost, because they need a boost in that, and I and they have to commit Lugo to that pen because they need them in the worst way they really though he is very, very important. John Oxford candidate. What's up, John? Hey, Mike, thanks for taking the call. I listen to questions if I could get him out the first one. About the Yankees. I was getting into a discussion of France about the keys and the current state of players players come thing, and we start talking about judge at this point judges career would you? Call him fragile. Well, I mean listen. He's been heard every year, so you have to take that into account until he starts playing a couple of years where he's not missing extended periods of time. It's a fair thing to call. I mean, I think you're right part of being great. If judge has the ability, right yet you have to play every day. I mean part of being a superstar if you want to be a dominant player. I mean Alex Rodriguez played all the time. I mean Derrick jeeter played all the time. I mean, you know, LeBron James plays all the time. And Michael Jordan played all the time, they don't play sometimes and he's missed way way too many games. And you have to be thoroughly part of being out. There's exceptions. But you know, it's funny when we think of Mickey Mantle, is always being hurt. Mickey Mantle when he retired at play more games than anybody in the history of the Yankees. Yes, he had some years, where he missed games. But most years he found. Away to one hundred and forty aims. A couple years, more usually didn't get the one sixty never got on fifty bunch of times. But I did have a couple of years. We won the one hundred twenty games. You know, the one year we broke his foot played, sixty five games put most of the time he figured it out of the play a lot of games. You gotta show.

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