Texas Senate, Oklahoma, Kevin Stead discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Main threat is going to be from far northeastern Oklahoma through central in east central Missouri, and even into central Illinois the threat expected to roll towards Indiana by daybreak in Oklahoma. They're dealing with flooding areas along the Arkansas river evacuated. Governor Kevin stead severe threat of flooding. I can't emphasize that enough in Kansas. The southern part of the state also grappling with floods and more rain is expected. You away local news safety Bill is on its way back to the Texas Senate after winning tentative approval of the house on Tuesday, how some advanced domestic violence prevention school resource. Officers campus security and mental health initiatives. The Senate can either approve the changes or work them out at a conference committee with the house, the border patrol arresting six illegal immigrants from Honduras, stuffed instead of a hotel room in eagle pass the alleged immigrant. Smuggler was there, too. He was arrested. The illegals all single adult males will be processed for deportation. Smuggler faces up to ten years in prison, Texas, most famous three man blues rock band, is the subject of a musical that open in Vegas next year. Z top has been rocking for fifty years now and will be highlighted by the show titled sharp dressed, man. The band is, named as executive producers of the show. I'm Eric sharp. From the traffic center. No major accidents or stalled, the close to afford this early morning. Our on our highways traffic moving along at the posted speeds with you have a couple of overnight construction.

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