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And i was like god here something. They'll be fine after ten minutes gathered. Dust right hormone. I was obsessed with it so basically this by the way. This is not me promoting mistletoe. We zone there's a book it's like work is on there. I have focused fourteen minutes every day. Driss pouring with sweat proper work but with just with myself you just completely match it a computer game in this amazing world and then at the end of my work. I take the headset off. And i'm literally to food from a brick wall. Amazing isn't it. Maybe that's what i should do instead. Oil yeah because i really feel now. That motivation is tough. When i had the kind of the gym that then i'm never really been a gym person either but i made a conscious effort once i started going. It was almost like a drug. You know i wanted more more more of it. And now i find motivation is really hard because also have gotten album and stuff like that out so there's always stuff to do during the day and there isn't a clear time where i can go and do it whether that's just a really lame. Excuse or the choose. I don't know but yeah. I can't wait for lockdown to a to stop. Am i think people will relate to that and by the way not just this year. They're kind of life. I mean you've got everyone's go work. We've go families. We've we've got our lives getting in the way and sometimes well often at fitness can't be prioritized you've got to everything else and so actually becomes a bit of a struggle to fit in. When do you fit your stuff in regularly. Normally normally i when between lockdown one and two i was doing it in the afternoon actually I was also on click everyday. And i think he's much easier if you've got structured life again. That's not an excuse. But i think that we know how it's doing a daily show on classic and i was two weeks. I knew exactly how my day was going to pan out whereas you know if you're singer like i am most of the time you know you're doing interviews here there and everywhere so you might not have that clear hour hour and a half that you can go out and do something. So it's a lot harder. So and also. If i'm doing a daily sean classic and it's not the breakfast show. We is mega early. And i when i cycle in. It's it's so great you know because he cycle into work and then he cycle back. And i'm so i'm doing about twenty miles a day and and that is such a bonus because you know you. You're you're doing your work but you also get workout as well but yet in between one and two hours doing it in the afternoon and to be honest with you i. I'm not one of those people that can train. In the evening. I find it so i don't know i don't get anything out of it if the latest i can do is sort of early afternoon really preferably morning. And that's superbeets. I think you've got out the way and even brace the day. Whereas i know a lot people left during off to work but nah not me and i love that you can use your work to kind of double up in the commute. And that's what i do..

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