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The amount of people in the business who still react to things like Brandon Hagel I've never heard of him. Two firsts? I know. Right? No, but the Barkley goodrow thing. Yeah. People were furious when it happened. Well, in our trade line preview, we had hey, we'll go into the lightning for that exact reason. It's like they can have two years of this guy at whatever is at AB is. They'll pay 21st for that. Yeah. Like you can't measure the value for that because they don't have to move plaid or chlorine or whatever at the time. Totally. To bring him in and actually. I mean, he had no finishing luck in the playoffs, but I thought he played really well. Yeah. Excellent player. Okay, so that makes against Toronto aside. That could have been a big deal. Okay, we think about the business stuff, right? I'm trying to go through my notes, drive. There's just so much to wrap your head around. I love this trade so much because there's so many moving parts. Well, so the player empowerment side can't be ignored, right? The chuck paradigm, I think, is the biggest, what has a long, I think the two things that are going to have long tails here is increasingly we live in a world where wingers are seen as inefficient bets. And even the best ones in the league, like max patchett is a point per game guy. Jonathan Hubert was third in the NHL in scoring. And his inclusion, I didn't even factor him in, you know, I had them trading Carter for hagy because I couldn't even fathom that Hubert O would be a piece of actually probably lower value from a panther's perspective than Carter vergy, like that didn't even occur to me. But if you are toward the end of your deal, even if you're 27 and have four years of term at a 5.4 number and scored 60 points, scoring wingers are increasingly seen as inefficient bets and that has huge implications for the trade values of players that you and I think are great. Well, that's also why Nino nita writer went for what he did. Because how many wingers got paid four to 5 million AAVs this summer? Nino, you can probably kind of on one hand. Yeah, I don't even think we could. Yeah. Nino, Mikhail. Yeah. Everyone's going either super cheap or their studs and you're paying them 8 million. Can you imagine having signed a big money middle 6 winger?

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