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Cardinals. He was good, but he wasn't great. Jake Jake alone and now looking at the top five Mm. Okay. Okay. Kurt Warner's number two Who's number one is somebody wasn't drafted like the 19 sixties or seventies. No, you have to think a little bit about CFL US A warrant More and moons number one, Okay. Dave Craig. Yeah. Garcia is another CFL guy, right? Came over the CFL. Yep. And then the texture wrote in Tony Romo's was undrafted. Okay, That's a good answer. That is so bad, even bigger career. Yeah. Yeah. Warren Moon. Okay, Sure. I mean, he's in the hall, right? Oh, yes. So that the top two guys on that list are in the Hall of Fame? Yeah. And Rome. Oh, and there's a little bit of Ah, I don't say cult following. But there are a lot of people think Tony Roma was massively underrated. The best quarterbacks ever but never went to a Super Bowl, of course, had disappointment here and there, but It's still it's still to this day underappreciated is how good he was. I think he was very good. Um, I mean, it isn't It's funny. You know, they go from Rome, Walter Prescott. It's not Manning the lock or far too Rogers. But I thought, Yeah, I think he was very good. And I think you know there's always the great what if if he didn't have all those injuries And was able to play longer. I thought Tony Romo's one of the best quarterbacks in the league when he played, but they didn't win anything when he was down there, so I don't even know how many times I mean, I know they lost the game stops, right. They lost on the bad stand. Yeah, right, And they lost on Dez caught it in Green Bay. Okay? Yeah, okay. I forgot that one. So I was always a big fan of Rome. Oh, I think it was really talented and especially throw in. Well, what do you pay like Western Illinois or Eastern on only one of those geographical direction schools in Illinois? And an undrafted free agent. Yeah, you could shoot. I'm trying member of the guys you just named. I'd probably put him third behind Warner and Moon. I mean, I think he was better than Garcia and Craig. And Jim Hart and all these guys that you just mentioned on that list. I thought it was really, really good. My answer about which who got luckier the Penguins with Crosby or the Patriots of Brady. It's a tough one. I mean the Patriots at least You know, with Crosby, you win that lottery. It's here. You don't even do anything right? You know, sit there. He's great. Patriots were lucky to have taken Brady. But then you know, they work with him to help him the bring him along to do a lot of things. You get a ready made superstar in a drawing, and that's what the lottery tends to be that that's what make David was right. Like That was the idea behind the tank was, let's let's remove the drawings from it and get as good a players you can effectively for free and With Pittsburgh. They didn't even have to have a bad season in such a gift, right in the true, definite I guess I'm not changing my vote. But in the true definition off the word luck. Winning a lottery would be that you don't do anything. You're just you're you're sitting there waiting for your number to come up. It comes up. That is pure luck. But I just think you know, sixth round It's not like they even I mean, how much did they really think of the guy? You know if they thought he could turn out to be something Not not greatest of all time passed on him five times, right? I mean, you would think. Okay, You know what? Nobody thinks that this guy's good we do. We're going to take him in Round three. There was the first time Belichick was playing three dimensional chess. Yeah, he's that's how smart he is. He kept passing on him and other people thought. Well, This guy must not be very good. So so he was sandbagging the rest of leading to not drafted. How come doing let us and drafted this Brady can he looks good. Well, if they don't want to, We don't want a Bella. Jack's a genius. Yeah, yeah, I mean it. I get it. The lottery is purely luck. But so just Brady. I'm always obsessed about the Penguins. Freaking brave about what they got when they won that day. You and was a Brian Burke, who doesn't like talking about the Penguins model. My riding walking for the Penguins now? Yeah, You can't beat them join them just just more pure examples of why the draft lotteries. Always a bad idea. Here's no matter where you go. Here's Brian Burke, who maybe I mean he had a lot of different jobs. But is he most known for all the stuff he did to pull off the sardine stuff, and he sit there going? I'm jumping through hoops. I'm making trades. I pull up and these guys just sit there in their Ping Pong ball comes up. So I get why you would be angry about that. I started to think about it, cause I know I keep seeing highlights of that Connor bodyguard who's 15 years old And who's he gonna play for? You guys wanna hold the drawing now? I mean, we know it's gonna be a drawing. That's how it's gonna work with you stupid. It's It's stupid. It's not. It's not any smarter than giving it to the last place team. It. You know, it's there. Avery being really honest, there shouldn't be a draft. You just go sign whoever you want. And players should just be free to sign wherever they want. He should pick his. He should pick where he goes. But, of course, the CBL, you know, entry level drafts, contracts keeping salaries down cheap labor. I mean, when Connor McDavid jumped in the league, he should be making $8 million right away. But you know, the C B A keeps those salaries down and makes those guys work for it for a little while until they can hit their payday. I gotta start of the day on this discussion that I'm gonna work in before we go to break speaking of winning the lottery. Stat of the day. Brought to you by cows. The buffalo get moving with cows. A buffalo container on Wheels. Mobile storage Ren account today. 5 1933 43 Austin Matthews, Fellas. How did the least get Austin Matthews?.

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