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The pro but then that's that's walsers hypothesis right that if they're both ripken's and he i like that in the script eight they play it as an ambiguity was a numbers or was it love but it was played as in the their meeting was planned regardless of what you believe the meeting was planned all a law latin you can you can so does that mean that the tyrell then like it organized the the break out the gut the first six zder that's fascinating that i mean interesting question then he organizes on death by accident i mean that the army's yelm directly control is deckert interviewing rachel he's like that's is when he gets really excited but without me but without the rebel considering oliver decker dinner view rachel know you're absolutely right this is curious now um can we talk about how the movie looks for a little bit please yes to a roger deakins is a guy who has people would like when i went through and look i was like i got to see who did the with the dp and cinematographer were on this and was like oh right roger deakins i went down the list of movies roger deakins is made and it's basically everything the code brothers have done since hudsucker ethic and then like i said mendez so all and kind of euro reserves escorial noted arrival he did o caesar the year the rival outside i would that that he was probably ails these are elsey's area he is he then he famously does not have a have other people do his second unit he up he is in charge of the camera for everything that they're shooting it is incredibly deliberate film and then he said on the in the screening i got to see the very first one i actually got to spend some time talking duty to any afterwards and he said it is it is a.

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