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Today's part in my take we have a huge show for you big papi david ortiz you might remember that name he joins us for fun quick interview and we have frank kaminsky who is our newest colleague he joins us in studio to talk about the fact that he wants to be like us podcasters also guys on chicks before we get to all of that won't talk to guys about devour devour offers premium frozen meals and a variety of crave able flavors that most freezer aisles have only dreamed of from louis gooey cheese to tender angus beef spicy sausage and crispy bacon devour has a meal to satisfy every craving pf to usually like a frozen meal guy and you get the sad sack meals that are lear gross in wet and disgusting yeah so it helped myself guess what but you gotta tried to our because devour puts mouthwatering flavor inconvenience in the same box you can put it in your freezer you pop it out and then you're having the best meal your life happy sack meals try meals like buffalo chicken mac and cheese or tender angus beef slathered in sweden smokey sauce with roasted corn potato hash and smokey south west style seasoning all of our meals are designed to go from the freezer to your mouth and just a matter of minutes i love them you love them you gotta try them so put down that boring frozen pot pie and try to our today devour the taste of your dreams let's go.

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