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You gotta love him. This is the Chad Prager show. Thanks for joining us. What else you got you thankful for the kids? I am. I, you know. I mean, I guess we have to be I'm I think I'm thankful for them. But I'm thankful that. They're all good kids. I mean, we cannot be more blessed. None of them are going to probably be going to jail. You gotta quit saying that man, you're gonna you're gonna but they're all making such good grades. They make such good decisions in life, our two older ones in college. They're so good. Yeah. There's such good girls. I mean, I. You know, we worry like normal parents, but I'm not overly worried that they're making bad choices because they never have. You know, I don't think there's any reason for them to start now. Yeah, our kids, and that's the thing. That's a struggle for me. Because we have we have certain kids that we can talk about in certain kids that we can't like, for instance, the Ozzy Osbourne show was on the reality show, and you had certain kids that were on there. And then you had some of his kids they refused. Like, you didn't even know he had those kids because they want to be on the show. It's so we got to have that situation because out of five kids, some don't mind the notoriety and some and we've done a pretty good job of keeping them hidden. We don't mention their names. We don't talk about it in some. We do you know like Brandon? We don't have a problem talking about Brandon Brandon all day long doesn't have a problem talking about bringing Brandon Brandon Brandon's favorite subject. So he's, you know, he's one of those ones headed for a life in front of a camera and the microphone himself, but no one of those things, and I I wish we could be like everybody else and put pictures of the family out on social media. It'd be proud of them. And we are proud of him. But be able to show off like everybody else says we just can't do it. Because there's too many crazies out there. I think we need to be respectful the ones in the what they want. Yeah. Yeah. Because you know, not everybody's parents were doing what you're doing and not all teenagers. It's as cool as we do. Well, my buddy I'm going to I'm on the advisory council of Tribuna s- dot com. Which is a little little news blog that I share things to from time to time on my political cowboy page on Facebook and the founder of Tribuna st-. The main founders my buddy, I'm Jason Seville in Jason lives over in the Phoenix, Arizona area. And he's been good to me. He's he's been very successful with online blogs and things like that and made me part of his advisory board there, and they launched he got together with some other business partners. Informed. A company called America's crate in many of you have seen the commercials that I've done for America's crate, the video promotions on social media and the founder of that he started maxim magazine, there's another business partner in there who was business development guy VP for CBS television. There was another one who worked for the CIA. He was I'm not going to tell you all the things he used to do because he might not want me tell them all things he used to. But it involved some things it's so there's pretty cool dudes in there. So they formed America's crate they used to have some other crate organizations, they did and one of the things we've formed and we're going to see more of is this concept that we came up with called America's storyteller. And that's the thing that I'm so excited about because not only do we have people who can subscribe and get crates every month of gifts that are American made products made one hundred percent in the US, but we're going to start going around the country, and we're going to start telling the story of a lot of these. Manufacturers in these these craftsmen and these folks out there skilled trade people who, you know, develop these really cool products, and we take for granted in that are American made..

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