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Was choked by teammate told he was zero nobody worthless quite a powerful and troubling blog really if anyone wanted to check that out on Yanni Brockovich, she's website. Bit more doping news in a white confirmation that the ban on the painkiller Trento will come into effect on March first we had long -ticipant to this. But the UCI have confirmed that Marcia I that's the last. Well, that's the first day that Trump will be on the banned list. And finally, the former teams guy and British cycling. Dr Richard Freeman faces a medical misconduct trial in Manchester early next month, some of the pre hearing reports of being posted on the general medical council website regarding the hearing, Dr Freeman is alleged to have ordered thirty show. Thirty sachets of testosterone put a coup Tesco jail from a company called fit for sport. Ltd the product delivered to Manchester velodrome in may twenty eleven in October of that year. Dr Freeman is alleged to have written to fit for sport requesting that they send him an Email confirming the order had been sent in the allegation is Freeman knew this to be forced the other key allegation is the product would intended for an athlete now the tribunal will oversee test of this evidence in a hearing that could lost as much as a month. The decision should be published twenty eight days after that. So we should be a little bit clearer on this story by what light March, I guess. But really troubling these allegations also stock, and of course, now there are no grey areas when it comes to a substance like testosterone or that. There are no no this is a dark shadow 'em looming on the. Very troubling. Indeed. I mean, there is you can't doping investigation into all gone on partic- team sky involving Dr Freeman on it didn't get to the bottom of some of the stuff and already in the published by while the allegations of the published and will which will be investigated doing the hearing they go farther than you county doping. We're able to go, and so I, you know, very very troubling. Indeed. And as you say, Lionel, no gray area Thole testosterone is cheating on if they're able to prove that it was intended for athlete, well while who was intended for and you know, what what are the implications of this for British cycling team sky. I agree rich. This is probably the most troubling whiles sort of shadow of of allegation of the allegations. And second. Secombe social evidence been sort of collected about teams going loss three or four years. Some of the stories and rumors and. Actions of amounted to nothing, really. But this is a very worrying one, particularly when one considers the timing two thousand eleven spring of two thousand eleven so before well before Bradley Wiggins second tilts toward France in the same spring few weeks before the contentious jiffy bag was delivered to the dolphin and allegedly deliver to the definite also a year when get Landes, the Belgian doctor who of courses at the center of the noise about team sky that was when he was probably he's if he was influential at all times, it was it was then and not season he had just on the detail as being released pre prior to that hearing. I mean, the things that leap out to me all accompany fit for sport supplying a testosterone product anyway and. The idea of sending anything of that nature clearly band to Manchester, velodrome home, British cycling, and if that was an error that was a significant error. It's a case the medical professionals will certainly want to get to the bottom of I actually had a look at the fit for sport website. And I mean, you can't search amongst the products. They do have testimonies from various sports teams football clubs cricket clubs, and so on providing plenty of, you know,.

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