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When you look at any stop in wanted to all bali what doing that well before the time. Yeah if you if you listen to any great blade soon all these places played against it. The play again salad bulk of the could get him a new one to play till a went to old it. You know he was. It was stuck play. You go of his career and insane it will. It will fascinating to watch the the the the way to new. The accuracy of the majority of the time was unbelievable. Allan said the best one torch at passer. The bullies episode the pliers that night donaldson avenue early. One time to coach the of those eligible and thankfully the apply the gave him the hardest guy that he had with. Joe jason but the Stokes even eat retarded and that was ineffable solid. Try and remember georgie. Needs to what a great play was an again. I'm in england when the world cup fifty years ago today Jason would be starting eleven that die and so with the plates thompson on the wing for liverpool over the says the thompson how great was evil. Were they see what as wanting to non-study wouldn't pick not absolutely ramsey didn't wingers he didn't like certain players again similar.

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