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To pay for it. This was your trip like you. You took her on this trip. It was was implied that you were paying for the hotel. And everything like the you. You're paying for the trip. Yeah i pay for everything. And and honestly i think they're a little bit. Gambling gave her a little bit of money to gamble with okay so you i'm taking to vegas. I'm paying for this thing. But now all of a sudden she's got this new found six grant and like doesn't even like i feel like i'm a little petty right now but like doesn't even buy me a drink like how can can we go out like and like i feel like i feel bad asking for like. Hey can you maybe treat me to an ident- right. You know what i mean. So at the end of the trip or throughout the trip she has offered to pay for anything at the end of the trip. She doesn't pay for anything now. Your home and as the topic of the six thousand dollars come up at all. Not at all gets messed up is with the at the very least if i win six thousand dollars on a weekend trip with my significant other at and i wasn't going to pay at the very least i'll be i'll pay for the trip or a large portion of it. Maybe the rest of it goes to me after that. But i would at least make that my winnings worth your while to like your vacation changes after that you win. Six grand unity. Some upgrades and stuff like that. At least i'm going to say. I won six grand so i can pay for the weekend in vegas cost couple grand whenever i'm gonna i'm at least gonna pay for that and then you get something out of it and then i still four grand to walk away with. I'm making these numbers up. But instead she was like cool. I won six grand and then and then you paid for everything exactly and like honestly he picked up this situation where reverse and i won. The money wouldn't even be a question. Of course i because you're paying for everything already doubt that you were going to pay for everything already so it's not like this is a massive inconvenience on your part because you are scheduled that out for every consideration said the same thing but it's a consideration thing and i totally agree you. She could have done a lot of things with that money and still walked away with the profit for herself. Rubio i mean you guys all know. I'm pretty stingy when it comes to money and if i work if that was my situation i wouldn't six grand i would be i d ball i i would. I'd probably wouldn't leave with any money. Just go spend it on right now. You can have this crazy vegas. Yeah on your wife pray yeah of course okay cool camera. I think is super rude. The it's like this money does it. First of all she use part of the least she could have done is paid you back for the money that you gave it a gamble that helped to win the scr. The very least she could have done that not to mention pay for this trip and still walked away with money that she didn't have before. What in credit card debt or something. I mean if i were her i would have split in fifty fifty. But i'm not her. What if she is like six grand screw. You don't care he. He didn't pay the bill at this guy's phone in debt. Now i mean she could have communicated that eight five five five nine one one three. I don't think we need any else thing else from cameras. I got the story. So basically he's i don't know where he went but he's he's bent because and i would be to me. I'm not sure. If i would say anything about it but i would definitely judge a person if they want a bunch of money did nothing not didn't step forward on anything for any of the at least buy me a couple of dinners. Maybe go buy me a gift. Look if you went and bought me a really nice gift. I might forget about the fact that you had won six grand. Just been happy that. I got something i didn't have before i had forgotten about the rest of it. Kristie what if he makes a ton of money though. What if he is super wealthy and she's like oh well he doesn't need this you know. Feel free money though it's unanticipated money that she could it. I don't know little gesture would have gone a long way for me. At least by me even if i if i i've taken people vacation before if i take you on a vacation i paid for the whole thing and it's and it's it's already Assumed or i invite you so it means everyone knows. I'm paying for it if you bought me. If the trip cost a thousand dollars on making this up if you want me one hundred dollars dinner. I would feel shock. I would think that would be so generous. Like i'd be like that was so thoughtful of you to do that. Because you know that the whole thing was paid for so even though it's completely disproportionate. The amount of money is spent a houston. I still would have been like. That was really cool that you did. That doesn't like them that much. I mean he paid for the whole trapping. She even offer to pay for dinner. I don't think she likes his guy. Hey katrina the table. When he was sleeping or something tried to double it up and it's gone be like dead or something like that. Yeah just tell me. I look at somebody with major credit card debt. And she's like well. I just wanna expand can pay pay down the credit card debt. I would be like if i like this. I mean like that's great. Good go do that but instead it's like the money never came. So what's she doing with it. I would tell my fiancee like my mom is the type of person where like about that type of counseling. Deal to like you know the money. I won't discuss it. It's whatever maybe like bad things. But i really wanted to suck me but i think he should bring it up there her be like. I don't know an awkward. I veered thank you. Thank you have a great day. You realize you call the. I love you. Thanks for listening. Hi allie. hey guys. I had the same experience for my twenty first birthday actually My dad paid for the entire trip ended up flying. His girlfriend out gave her money to gamble. Anti one thousand dollars. Not as much as the other girls. That's money in vegas and he didn't even pay for like a cab ride. I was thinking it's a berry. Feast pit for dinner. Ready offer a nice lunch. Or whatever cost a couple boxes like the the you still walked away with eight hundred dollars that you didn't have before and everyone everyone feels like these sheridan and even know its disproportionate. Everyone feels like shared it up. But because you don't do it you looking super selfish and went back. I like my dad had given her money to gamble so it wasn't even harmonica booth back at least be like. Here's your you know. Use your initial back. Or whatever right. So i do feel for this guy. Thank you allie. Thank hi.

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