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News time six sixteen time for news with rick worthington all right protests continue in sacramento following the death of stephen clarke a twenty two year old man is fatally shot by police who said they thought he had a gun but no weapon was ever found emotions are running high in sacramento california stefan clark was killed march eighteenth police shot him after they said they thought he had a gun but the only thing found after the shooting was a cellphone the state attorney general savvy airbus sarah has been called to examine the incident my team and i at the california department of justice will do everything in our power to ensure that this investigation is fair thorough and impartial i'm john lawrence city council meeting in sacramento that got pretty heated i'm sure about later the the victim's brother showed up and some of his friends as well and they were quite vocal yeah very very vocal tough situation more on that again here in a little bit meanwhile a former michigan state university dean who supervised the doctor at the center of the usa gymnastics sex abuse scandal has now been charged with criminal sexual conduct involving medical school student as well here's andy rhodes william strangle the former dean of michigan state university's college of osteopathic medicine is facing multiple charges for his own alleged actions from two thousand two to two thousand eighteen four female students described how strampe allegedly wheel the power of his office over them while asking for nude photos and sexual favors according to the criminal complaint strap told one female student she needed to learn her place and to be quote.

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