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Fool talks with Dr Neil Livingston, author, TV commentator and an expert on security and terrorism. Tsarnaev's death penalty was overturned because of issues with jury selection. The appeals court ruled that the trial judge didn't do enough to prevent biased jurors from being selected. Terrorism expert Neil Livingston says that's a weak argument and think Tsarnaev deserves the death penalty. I believe that might have given some of the victims families. More closure is indeed the death sentence carried out. But the parents of Martin Richard, the youngest victim to die from the bombings, didn't want Tsarnaev to be sentenced to death. And despite Friday's ruling, it's clear Tsarnaev will not be walking out of prison. A free man. He's in Florence, Colorado, right now, which is one of our Super Max presents and you know Life is not going to be a bowl of Cherries. Funny. Any measure in Watertown, Suzanne Saws Vale W. B Z Boston's news radio TV ZEE TV Security analyst Ed Davis was the Boston police commissioner. Back in 2013. His thoughts are with those who are still living with what happened seven years ago to acknowledge the damage that was done to human beings with personal civilians who were innocently standing at a public event and then to say some of the things that were said in the ruling. Just it just doesn't seem logical for me. But again, it's all about the victim's today. They're going to have that we live the families and the people who are tragically injured here. Goingto have to relive this and that's the most disturbing. Tsarnaev was convicted on 30 charges, including conspiracy and use of a weapon of mass destruction. Well, we begin a new month today, and we also begin new restrictions for travelers coming to the Bay State. There's W B Z T V's Jim Smith, one of the targets Logan Airport, locals and visitors alike, arriving at Logan Baggage claim Friday night, a few hours before the new rules kick in. One traveler just back from Seattle is fully behind the added safeguards. We came from Seattle. You know, a lot of there's still a lot of us out there and wait we're bringing back to Massachusetts is not a bad idea, pretty comfortable where we're at right now, and I look around to those other places and it's it's concerning. You don't want it to come here. Anyone entering Massachusetts must quarantine for 14 days unless coming from New England, New Jersey, New York or Hawaii. Or provide a negative test taken within 72 hours of travel. Incoming college students also included in these new travel rules. Some other exemptions include people just passing through the state, commuting across state lines for work travelling to Massachusetts from medical treatment or complying with military orders. Governor Charlie Baker says lapses in judgment are to blame for an uptick in positive test rates for the Corona virus in Massachusetts, and he says changes will be made. If that trend continues, it is 903 President Trump showing interest in again offering federal help to unemployed Americans stories on the way Let's check the roads, traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes morning and a good morning to you, Charlie, Busy on Route three shot down. Getting heavier on the approach to Derby Street in him, so allow extra time they're getting by the lane Drop. Also, some pockets reported on the approach to Route 14 Index free and then about a two 2.5 mile back of approaching the SAG. More Bridge 25 east about a mile approaching the born bridge. Route six is still champ with a crash working after room 1 34 E. In Dennis. Nearthe lane drop in six East Mount is jammed up about three miles six West is heavy from around before 1 24 in Harwich getting towards that crash on six. Eastbound, but you've got that curiosity delay on six West taking a look at the pike. That's fine. Both ways to 90 East is jam getting by working the left lanes near Main Street in Shrewsbury, not seeing the big delays downtown or on the expressway north of the city. Free and 93 look Good to New Hampshire. Everyone is slow from the Lynnfield Tunnel up towards the Peabody Jug Handle. Rob Hackle disease traffic on the three Rob, Let's check that four day double d v z ack you with the forecast. That Ben says Boy today is going to be great sunshine Warm 83 to 89 in Boston and inland and near 80 at the beach is partly cloudy, Muggy tonight 70 for a low tomorrow. Partly sunny, breezy, humid Don't rule out of late day Thunderstorms, 84 And then Monday. Here comes the heat again. Breezy, hot, humid sun clouds and 94 for Ohio on Monday, But then it cools back down again on Tuesday with showers and a thunderstorm temperatures in the mid and upper seventies. What's goingto happen with Hurricane Jesus? That will determine the kind of whether we get the middle of next week. Right now. In Shawn's furred. It is 74 degrees Bellingham checks in at 73. Cushion it 77 here in Boston Sunshine and a beautiful start to the Saturday 75 degrees at 905 President Trump Signaling interest and.

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