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Sided with the religious challenges in a split where the conservatives were on one side and the liberals were on the other. The court today passed on to potentially big cases but are still considering others. Forecasters are watching a weather system that they say has a good chance of strengthening and dropping large amounts of rain on the Georgia and South Carolina coasts. It could soon become a tropical depression or a tropical storm. This is a P news. With less than a month ago before the Tokyo Olympics. The U. S teams are taking shape in a severe heat in Oregon, Sydney McLaughlin set a world record in the 400 M hurdles. It's an honor, you know, so many amazing women have come before me. So many amazing we're gonna call after me, and I just want to be able to leave my mark and be a part of such an amazing sport. Simone Biles will lead the U. S women's gymnastics team. She burst onto the scene in the 2016 games, winning four gold medals in Tokyo. She plans to live in the moment 2016 was such a blur. Once we got over there, everything happened so quick. Um, I also think that's just the pace we were going in. This time we get to relax a little bit. Biles has high hopes for this year. The four person team We have a lot of depth on all of the events, so I think will be set once we get over there, um And It should be fine. The 24 year old Biles refused to say if this Olympic games would be her last. I'm Ed Donahue. AP News I'm Rita Foley with an A P news minute. Rescuers aren't giving up, though they haven't found anybody alive in the rubble of that Miami area condo buildings since the first hours after collapsed, and the Alvarez, a deputy incident commander with the Miami Dade Fire rescue, calls it a frantic search to see who they can bring out alive. Nine people are known dead 152 missing after they found the most recent victim, Miami Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine, Cava told reporters are search and rescue teams found Another body.

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