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I wanna be new pair of blue jeans Slagle up. I wanna be a kid's first computer fleece on. I wanna play football. I wanna be a bike that races around the country. I wanna be a bench on a forest trail. When I grow up. I don't wanna be a piece of garbage. And if you recycle me, I won't be give your garbage another life. Recycle. Learn how at I want to be recycled dot org brought to you by keep America beautiful and the Ad Council. Ninety. Now, the news. Good afternoon. I'm Brad Bradford. Our top story. Beaverton police in Washington county sheriff's deputies have a stranger danger warning for parents and students Zana Erikson says the two incidents happened in the same area. Why students were walking to school police have received two separate reports of strange men trying to get middle school students into their vehicles. The first incident happened on September fifth and yourself, I butner rodent spring lane a male driving a white band pulled it next door and asked if she needed right to school officer Jeremy Shaw with Beaverton police says then on September fourteenth on cedar hills boulevard and southwest Parkway. Another middle school students says a man tried to get her into his red pickup yelled at her in an attempt to try and convince her that she needed to get into his vehicle in both incidents. Shaw says the girls did the right thing refusing to get in if you see any suspicious vehicles in the area, contact either Beaverton police or Washington county sheriff's deputies abducted from Orange County California with sound safe in Newport on September six Sarafina, trucker dot or eleven. Year old FINA. From her foster parents, Oregon state police were alerted that you might be a Newport shoes. Driving a BMW at the time. But on Monday, a trooper checked in a Lincoln navigator that was parked along highway one a one year, Beverly beach and found FINA and her daughter Veena was taken into custody without incident. Her daughter is now the care of the department of human services, this is over for a thirteen year old boy who ran away from school yesterday. Police say Jacob S Braham ran away from Ogden middle school in Oregon city aspirin has been found safe and return to his family North Carolina's governors warning people despite the sun and the warm weather now the dangerous left from hurricane. Florence are still far from over North Carolina. Governor ROY Cooper confirming Tuesday, North Carolina has twenty six confirmed deaths due to this store, he says more than one hundred roads remained closed. There are still more than three hundred and forty thousand residents without power rescue crews have evacuated more than twenty two hundred people across the state about ten thousand people remain in shelters and several rivers have still yet to reach their peak levels. Ryan burrow. ABC news, Advil, North Carolina, a billionaire has bought a ticket for a trip where no tourist has gone before more big plans for Elon Musk and SpaceX company is he announced the first paying customers going to make a plan trip around the moon Saku vs..

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