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A little weird box is they get all in everything raisins and alert low row in my book what adults is like let me go buy backs of raisins what adult mirror said those words oh yeah me all the time not random raisins on make sure candy you know all of that because you don't want to go and get like sugary yeah california race the council you may expect they were hard camry stereotypes now let me ask you something or you also eating racing oh i mean raise i grew up on raising shop oh praise craisins another former ravens as you already know but that's going to be fancying added to your salad or something and you don't wanna do just do raise them yeah i look craving joel anderson is an espn dot com writer and he is completely out of his mind when it comes to snacks about children joe i love you i don't want to do but raisins are gross there's been a lot of anti discourse country as of late and i'm really concerned about it and i really think we need to get back towards civility some of the values that we really held close to you know many dickens girl so i think you out you really think about what you've said about raising today about cesspit kind of america no no no you are the pro raisin fat faction is a minority in this country okay then we've already rejects raisins you need to get on board at simulate.

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