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How is everybody doing no matter which character you're rooting for it? There is so much going on right now. I am personally feeling a lot. And there's only one more episode of little fires everywhere left to tie up all the loose ends and resolve everything that needs resolving. What's going to happen between Elena and MIA or to the Shaker Heights teens or Linda beebe and of course? The biggest question of all blue burned the house down. Who said the little fires now? I can't spoil anything of course but I can do what I always do. Which is bring you behind the scenes of the show to hear from the actors writers and wait for it with this week on this episode. We're speaking with the therapist Leslie Johnson. Mft Who consulted on little fires everywhere particularly on the adoption issues tackled in the series. We're going to speak with the writer for episode one. Oh seven Harris Denno but I. This.

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