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Like, my brother room. Another mother guys have a lot in comm-. How'd you lose a day work because my heart attack? Right. Wait. You asked for a day off to see the show. And then we didn't do the show. I thought you fucking asked for Kevin Smith out of heart attack. I need a day off. Now, he took today off to go see Hollywood Babylon, and then the showed it and happen, and he was stuck with a day off. I'm so sorry to hear that, sir. What a what a nightmare must have been for you to have a day off where he didn't go into work. Life where you had nothing to do after Hollywood Babylon got cancelled like fuck it. I just I gotta stay off. Now. I don't know. That used to be in there at arby's. Putting the horsey sauce on. Got my shift covered. Now. What do I do? You know work at arby's. We don't have what you have an arby's. I've seen the future. I'm coming back here and opening up an arby's. I can't believe I heard it through completely different filter. And filters much Wieder. Like, my wife didn't even take a day off. Thank you. She didn't. Because she has all the days. It's true. All right. Let's start things off with Andrew and Troy from Perth Australia. That's Austrailia for you. Right there. Perth?.

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