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A Cumulus station news now. We'll do a male news at 7 30. Good morning, everyone. I'm John Mathews. House Republicans meet behind closed doors this morning to vote whether to strip Congresswoman Liz Cheney of her leadership post. Cheney took a last stand on the House floor ahead of today's planned vote, saying, We must speak the truth. Election was not stolen in America has not failed. The lawmaker from Wyoming has been a vocal critic of President Trump's assertions about the 2020 election. The secret ballot vote will be held behind closed doors. Congressman is the least of phonic has been mounting a campaign to replace Cheney, Rachel Sutherland boxes, Israelis and Palestinians launching a new syriza of attacks against we each other overnight. Israel has launched Maura strikes this morning. Gaza's Health Ministry says 43 people have been killed in the raid since Monday. Apartment tower collapsed last night. In the other direction, Palestinian militants has still firing barrages of rockets toward Israel. Five people are dead. The commercial capital of tell Aviv was targeted yesterday evening. Data and Egypt are working on a possible cease fire. But so far there's no sign either side is willing to back down Simon Ellen Fox News, The government says there is no need to panic. But that's not stopping a lot of people, including some of you in the D C area from lining up to buy. Gas drivers, particularly in the Southeast are overwhelming gas stations, according to Gasbuddy. Demand for gasoline is up 20% nationwide in the last week, and demand is up a whopping 40% in Georgia. Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia. The shutdown of the colonial pipeline even forced American Airlines to add stops on too long haul flights to refuel. Planes headed to Honolulu and London. Fox News Brian Yannis the pipeline expected to reopen my week, then checking your money. The Dow futures down 123 points. The NASDAQ futures down 79 in sport sponsored by Smart Mouth. Caps and the regular season with a 21 win over the Bruins. The Nats fall behind early again and can't catch up again. They fall to the Philly 62. The Mets beat Theo's 3 to 2 up Next traffic and weather is mornings on the mall continues on W M. A L News has brought you my new look home design. Simplify your dinner prep at Whole Foods market.

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