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I just don't agree because at your experience yeah so this is the thing is i'm not saying it's a blanket statement on every programmer however i do think that it is very democ in how the tools work how the writing has been how the industry has been ron i think it's so like i think it's just they're so much like so everywhere that they don't even notice it a lot of times and also i think a lot of people were there like oh i'm totally not like that right and then you see they see other people being like that and they say nothing and i think that's the thing i've never ever had anyone stand up to an abuser of me and say hey leave him alone is just saying he's just saying he doesn't like this or it doesn't like python you don't have to be like abusive right i've never seen anyone say that ever right so there's two types when i say servile fascist i don't mean someone who's out there you know like doing it i mean it can be someone who actually really enjoys it and supporting the regime and goes along with it and never disagrees with them or someone who allows the regime to do what it's doing or the corporation doing what's doing and then just assumes well you know it doesn't relate to me so i'm not gonna do anything about it you know i'm not going to stand up and help that person yeah let me present this angle because i have never been in never been around the circles wherein you are disagreeing with python people or somebody's attacking you.

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