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We get their jack Had some questions for craig button about the kings prospects up in edmonton all right. Joining me now is former. Nhl exact and former scout. Mr for tsn craig button. How are you in the house. The bubble up in edmonton. I am doing great jack and happy new year to you. The bubble has been fantastic. It really has been in the beautiful thing about it is is it the. Nhl had their return to play Now there was a template and following it to a t. Is exactly what's happened here. And as we get through near the end of the tournament It's been phenomenal. Really has some bumps at the beginning but it's been superb and i can't. I can't speak highly enough of all the people that collaborated in their daily efforts To to ensure that the players and the teams could perform at the highest level at the junior championships. Will i wanted to bring you on to talk a little bit about our nine prospects in the nhl or in the world. Junior tournament Again the the most for an organization two years in a row with the kings We'll start with the perennial favorites here and Know team canada. Obviously they're loaded. They've nineteen first round draft picks. One of those being. You know number two over wrong clinton by field. Now you and boat you both you and ray ferraro of talked about clinton's growth not only from last tournament in last year's world juniors but also just from the beginning of this tournament to present day. What have you seen in. Where's that growth specifically while. I think there's a couple of things that we need to back up on so quinton played his last game. In march of twenty thousand nine hundred know. And so now okay. You're not playing. But what does he do he does. What every player does and certainly quinton is determined and dedicated. He works on his strength. He works on all the things that he needs to improve upon to ready himself for the nhl. Because you know. I mean there was some uncertainty around when the draft was gonna be but you know you ready yourself and you get yourself in a in the best physical condition you can so that you can whoever drops you you go into training camp and quit yourself very well. Well he did all those things and then there's no training camp. There's no play and always shows up at the At the team. Canada selection cap and donnelly. Does he show up without the benefit of playing. He's also delayed by two days as a protocols. So you know. He doesn't have the better but the minute he got on the ice now. Jeff jackson his agent had said to me and and i knew this equipment put on a boat. Thirteen pounds to author. Piloted its natural. It's but he's getting stronger but this is this first time. Dow really tested himself carrying that way rafer. Oh made a great point he says..

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