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Bruce is just not going to happen now as far as what i saw in that performance i just saw a justin timberlake who's kind of going through the motions he wasn't dancing as hard as i've seen him dance in actual performances uh i mean that has to do with the oxygen aspect as well but it just seemed like it would have been fined seven eight years ago but not for in nfl which is trying to appeal to its hor demographic and not lose them and also try to grow the audience for years to come and i was in all in you and i were were sitting there watching as i said you know what this halftime show is not for us i'm forty eight it wasn't for me definitely one for me and it wasn't for someone who's maybe 15 years old because there's oh heartthrob fantasy for justin timberlake anymore he's married with kids now he's i i think most people think about justin timberlake and jessica beal now they're not just justin timberlake the singersongwriter dancer like i know people who know him and our fans of his performances is that he does uh with a jimmy fallon either of the tonight said that a guy like they're they're their insane rotator us i a mountain and if you've never worked in the music business there is a that fantasy aspect is very important because they're trying to appeal to the young people with the most disposable income the fifteen sixteen 17yearold girl's usually am when someone gets married we've ask i can't count how many times i will use janice jackson has a perfect example.

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