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About who the democrats should be right now in the age of trump and i'm struck listening to you all talk about bobby kennedy he was a very different kind of democrat than many that we see today is there a lesson for democrats to learn about politics about public presentation about how to defeat donald trump that they can take from bobby kennedy well you know what i read the interview the other day i quarter last night this kid he was a sixteen year old boy busboy who held bobby kennedy's head up when he was showing romero and one romero end up and he said when kennedy wanted to his room when he was delivering room service that kennedy didn't look through them but he looked at him and he said you know i felt is ten feet tall and you and i knew tip and tip o'neill and people like that they're real liberals and their phonies pie in the sky until they always looking the middle distance they think they're better than everybody they went there yelled law whatever and whatever they got they claim they're better than anybody a true democrat lower case d thanks to know better than anybody else that's the democrat is the party regains that with white black hispanic people everybody starts to think of themselves as one of them instead of being better than them they'll get back to the party of the people and they're not there yet there's too many elitism there's so much elitism the democratic party it's so outrageous and it all comes the notion of the merger crecy being entirely academic based you don't wanna hear about a master plumber being in leap he is or she is but it's all academic and it's a game that we're playing with themselves in itself saluting and i'm telling you the people feel it there's a party going on they invited to it and that's a big part of this is not just economics i don't buy the hallmarks this argument it's all about economics it's not all about economics it's about sensing that your leaders give a damn about you personally and when i see some people like that out in the democratic party today and they got to keep a low profile you gotta stay down there's too much of saluting too many events that seem.

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