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I hated those guys growing up. But i still respect and appreciate them very much and just to be a up close with the nba for a couple years. Was something something that i definitely cherish. So i always do think back to that one moment standing there just it sounds really simple just watching those players warm up in the in the other moment that stands out to me rahman at a bit more so in the last year or so and you'll see why is when kobe bryant came to san antonio for his last game at the. At and t. center. They had a press conference with kobe. Like they didn't ever stop that he had. This was basically his retirement tour. And i asked kobe bryant a question and that was cool moment for me and i asked him to describe the relationship that he had with pop How developed over the years in so it wasn't just asking. Kobe bryant a question and having him answer it was that kobe look directly at me that he nodded throughout my question that he gave me such a great answer and kept looking back at me. It was like. I was in the room with kobe. Bryant in that's it like he just eat it just treated everybody so well in that that stands out in my mind to end. We'll always stand out in my mind. Amazing answer definitely my favorite player of all time. I'm sure lotto have that same feeling and yet because i'm from la but just what an amazing person beyond the being amazing basketball player r.i.p koby Switching from sports back to pogo shells and other question here for you. Jeff what is the most memorable moment in poker for you. Whether as a player or broadcaster i think as a player i i have to look back at the two thousand fifteen world series of poker main event whereas somehow someway still not sure how it happened may day six and walking into the real on day. Six with seventy ish players left you start to think you know what this could happen. And you hear that he'll ask right right. Oh you hear the dramatic music and you know just get in the zone and the cameras are following you as you're walking in you get there and they're only six or seven tables laughed in you. Start to think. I could really do this. And my best friend at phone in town. My dad was there a couple of my really good friends from la were there. It's just it started to feel so real. And so that's what stands out to me as far as poker-playing concern for poker broadcasting. It was that opportunity where i got to fill in for care scott last year and unfortunately she couldn't make it to the world series of poker main event than the makeshift main event. That they have so couldn't do it. Maria couldn't do it eventually. Robbie they're going to get to me on their list so they can have a whole list of people. Everybody said no. For whatever reason. And finally i got to do it to be standing there at the world series of poker main event not the world series of poker main event of course but to still be on that set with the espn microphone. I thought you know what this. this is. pretty cool in at certainly take pride in that accomplishment. Even if i was seventeen on their list of ride goto reporters for that moment. Well you know what they say about the last pick in the nba draft. What's that at least. They got drafted drafted running. We go what do our questions from shells with gut..

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