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A historical moment probably for a w by the time cross comes back to NFC there might be people who forgot who he is he he can't just make an unannounced run in four months and people just like flip the fuck out only like cody do w so the winner. Of this? Reverse stark. Watch is a I. Think we agree as Cody Rhodes, we gotta get Outta here, but there's something we gotta talk about first and that's there's a paper view this weekend sort of. I got about two minutes. So we got to wrap this quick. Fast wbz payback is this weekend it's a one week after the last pay per view. Now, again, a new pay per view we got a few matches announced keep Levers Randy Orton we talked about before. What's your pick? YOU THINK NON-FINISH I? Think we a non-finish I. Think we get drew getting some comeuppance. Some quote unquote payback may be kicking Randy's head in himself. That's what I think. That's what I I'm with you on that we have. Apollo cruisers body Lashley for the US championship. Time I think it's I'm excited for this matches wall They can't. They can't keep make Bobby Lashley look like a chump so I feel like. I feel like he takes us on I. Think I. Think this might be the kind of match we were expecting. At Summer Slam to. Have a little bit more time to play around I mean obviously, this is a pre show match. Then this is a match they've been building forever. So our feud they've been building forever. So this hopefully, they'll treat the real thing. Balian. Sasha banks versus Shane Obeys Ler. Jacks for the women's Tag Team Championship. That's a big one I don't even know where to go with this I. Would I'm GonNa lean towards Besar Jackson's because. That would seem to make sense I have no idea. Yeah I, think. I think Man I feel like there's there's more there's more meat to pick I mean Gosh they've been teasing the Sasha barely break up forever just just just push the button just shoot the damn thing. All right. Just have moved the Goddamn title. Lose if you lose to Shane. And I feel like it's not even a like it's almost like that's when the they should come closer together and be little underdogs in skew baby face and try to get get that Win Bang I duNno I duNno, and you're right it's time but we'll see this is a total coin flip for me and then last but certainly not least. The role, Yeah University of. Roman Rangers Braun strowman versus your champion, the fiend. In a triple threat no-holds-barred no-holds-barred triple threat match for universal title I feel like bronze taken.

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