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With with vehicle and that started the whole like. Don't give close your vehicle. Thing was actually at the playoffs. Like yeah as closer set himself in jewish at usual closer game play. I didn't think it was. I mean he. I made the case on the dive last week even before the series that he has a case for being the most dominant player in playoffs at the time of any position. So when he when he hawks out it's not a surprise. I don't think it was an over performance at all. Okay freeze China unleashed you on the caller. Okay so this your cook credit to you on your one. Ten flew quinn what what what. What got us exactly so. Let me start with this right. So as i i don't really watch Social media i only have the most the most abuse once when the players are talking about it So there's a is everyone's talking about you know that the c nine l. is going to be the final and we'll talking about you know e. g. Espn and deal mercy. Nine can't worlds So everyone was kind of like under saying that we're bat which To some extent. I would agree with that before. The playoffs were definitely on the way down. We're on the slump And others use for looking better but the doesn't mean than if for that bad in the regular season and then we fucking destroy every single team. We play on our way up and you could see the progress for We have five games. The games would be closing. Wouldn't be looking good than you would. Let me play c. Nine and the games will be looking much better but still not clean and then we would play tail and the Te'o games will be fucking gustov. Doesn't that just means that. Were better team better. Players were improving when everyone else's snow improving and we're stepping up and playing. Well when everyone else is fucking choking that just means we're better players were better. We're better players. Were better team it. When it when it matters fucking stepped up we talking destroyed everyone so everyone shut the fuck up you fuck. You could have done it to with it. You didn't were defending champions. You are not so now shut the fuck up and let us enjoy the fucking trophy. We worked our eyes off. everyone maldini. He say everyone so. I believe that includes you is there. Is there any follow ups to of of what you were saying. I respect i respect I think we'll when i was making the take. I wanted to draw the line at lower bracket finals. So hundred thieves and see nine then hundred. Ntl so i wanted to compare the play before. Then the play after Because hundred thieves versus each year was like a completely different look than hundred verses the l. in the finals. So that's really where. I saw like hundred thieves compared to how they play versus. Eg really over performed An n. t. o. Really underperformed compared to how they did Against hundred years the first time and against a tsn nc nine gotcha. So you're sort of saying like if you look at the playoffs in general you you don't in your mind you don't perceive it necessarily is an correct me from as hundred t like growing over the course of the the playoffs in these other guys slumping you. You mean like this. It was it was kind of random that like hundred. He was able to peek at the time that they did and that. Tlc nine slumped at the time that they did. That's kind of what. I'm picking up sort of so. I don't think it was completely random. I think that they did deftly with every series they play. Got better in that showed. I think that when you going into finals weekend which was that was what that was. Just see nine hundred thieves and Hundred thieves seattle. I think the weeks before they were looking Completely different to how they looked finals weekend. And that's that's Really read draw the distinction. Well either way. Thank you caller. and sorry. sorry that. I didn't get your argument out a little bit earlier i I wanted to run interference quickly before everyone got you and perhaps ceuta giving you a little bit more space for your take. Is there anything you wanna shout out. Before we take a quick break shadow alien worse shadow game fuel. the show would be possible without them Actually i do want to shout out closer that leeson play on tactical was insane So mad respect for that one. Good thank you maldini for the call and we'll catch you next time all right. Thank you all right. We're gonna take a quick break to talk about alienware and there's a new cool thing that i gotta let you guys know about if you had over two alien we're dot com travis up at the top you're going to see join. The ailing were games. would you can. You can check out from august twenty seventh to october seventh. They finals october twenty third. It's a big cool thing that they are doing Where you can compete in all sorts of games like fortnight rainbow succeed etc additionally in addition to that if you if you go to come travis please To that i very helpful and then you head over to the alien were website. What you will see is right. Now until gamer days are happening This normally happens in the fall and that it's a big big way to get discounts on gaming laptops pc's and so much more And so that's kicked off here on the twenty seventh and it runs through labor day which is september six so please Do yourself favourite take a look at the deals that are going on on the were website for until gamer days. It is a very very cool thing to be able to. You know sometimes you you think oh i gotta wait till black friday. I gotta wait till. I dunno whatever other holiday time to get radio. Well guess what. There's a fantastic window right. Now until gamer days to get a great deal on an intel computer And when you do make sure that use the code in the description of this. I don't know if it'll stack doesn't already stack sometimes does seems i. I don't have all the details on win and win. It won't But if you're watching on youtube Or you're listening to it on a podcast. You can go check out the tube description to get that link And thank you everyone so much for supporting What i do because you support alienware and they support. What do it's very. it's the what is that one of those properties mark. You're not paying attention. It's okay transit of property. Alright thank you to alley where for sponsoring the show. We love you guys and we'll catch you next time. okay mark. yeah what do you got. You got another call her first coming up. Oh sure yeah okay. Thank you to tj slain jd. I'm elvis four for thirty nine months. Q parker No dak who gifted a subject closer. I'm sure he'll appreciate that. The best cliches and crimson clement. Cla mattis xanthos either way. Thank you everyone for. Subbing is grabbing the next caller right now and he will be back momentarily with individual and here. It is dink. Jesus here dank. Jesus where you calling from going gonna turn attorney up. What's that going froma of a reported on one more time. Sorry you're f you a little closer microphone. You're kind of quiet for me. Co caller muted himself. His back caller. What where are you from. Oh you're cutting in and out. I think Well let's see if we can give us. Okay yeah you sound better now. where are you calling. Fr- yeah. I'm going from a portable. Okay what do you wanna talk about on the show. We'll might take. Is that the three teams that any sending or the three best teams that any will ever sent has ever since so far they still won't make it out of groups probably not hear me out. I think the biggest problem for any right now is that.

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