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Right. So, but from the RC range, you know, you don't have to necessarily have a line of sight. Now, there is a only a useful broadcast range that it's gonna be dependent upon the power supply, and the kind of antennas you're using if so if you were to say fly a remote controlled helicopter around and it started to get outside of that rage. You might quickly have a a search and rescue operation on your hands. Yeah. I thought I was thinking back to some of the other stuff I had that sort of emulated remote control. But not really I had a car that had a Cam system on it and it came with a series of plastic cams. It was actually a replica of a Porsche nine seventeen race car. And you would stick a Cam on top. And it would do whatever the Cam had the Kamat rotate. And so the car would basically, you know, go forward, and then reverse and do whatever, but it would do that according to the shape of the Cam. And then of course, I had the big track which sort of appears to be remote controlled, but you're really programming it before you even press go, and then it does when it does. And I mean there are there other ways of doing similar things. But it's just not the same yelich, the old remote controlled toys. That would still have a wire attached to them by one of those where your car up or down and that would make a go forward or backward. But it's all wired. It's not. Yeah. So you're tethered to it. Yeah. The parent AR drone. Yeah. Which is something I saw the s a few years ago. It's the it's been out for a while. And it's been out for a while. It's a four rotor. Copper copter. Chopper, and it doesn't look like a helicopter because it doesn't have that one of blades up at the top. Yeah. It's got it's got four sets of them. And it looks like a weird hovering drone thing. But you can control those through a smartphone device. I think it's only IOS actually I don't think they have an Android based system yet. I don't know. But they they actually maybe they do I'm looking at their website, and they have a little Android icon on it. Yes. A new Android app. So they do in fact have Android now. When I I thought it was only for the apple iphone. But in this case, it's using wifi to to let you control the the device and you do it through an interface on your smartphone. Yeah. And it's similar to what we've been talking about. Except that you know, it's a wifi frequency not the same as the the old direct radio frequencies. Right. So. We're seeing lots of kind of experimentation with this this older technology. I mean technology that dates back to the nineteenth century. And it's really neat to see the kind of toys that are coming out. I I was always a big fan of remote control cars. I owned a few haven't played with one in a long time. Because it drives my dogs. Crazy. I would've figured you'd play with one specifically because it drives your dogs. Crazy. They don't last so long the toys not the dogs, and I was the last all day long. But no, they will like I had. I think it was a remote control Plymouth prowler purple Plymouth prowler because that's the only color they came in originally and. The dogs didn't seem to like those classic lines the same way. I did. They're not roadster fans on the other hand. I do you have a remote controlled mouse that I use with my cats, and you know, so it's it's it sort of works at the very low end mouth. Right. Plug it in to control week mouth nutty point and click mouth, right? And it it stays charged for maybe about five minutes of play by play. I mean, I play with the mouse and the cat's stare at it..

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