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Fifty years gets run going tomorrow right I'm not here yet that's right I'm going about his auto service and get my oil changed wow rubbing your face yeah member I dumped all the oil what I heard but he's open I had a brief spell it right out if you drive it over without any oil in the car no I done didn't bear gutters sorry Bugis Bugis are service writers sorry but he's not a service center they only have fifteen locations now because the other thing shut down all right Hey Rachel the supply anxiety brings back the victory garden and I think this is lovely although gardens don't tend to do too well in the in the early spring around here yes well yes John victory I ha well I don't know so there's this article in The New York Times talking about victory gardens which they were started in nineteen nineteen the national war garden commission that was something that was established send up this pamphlet that made gardening a civic duty so they said quote prevention of a widespread starvation is the peace time obligation of the United States the war garden of nineteen eighteen must become the victory garden of nineteen nineteen and so they really ask people the hustle they said Hey any space you have fire escapes rooftops empty lots Saturn and say like I use to talk back in the nineties Ralph tops fire escape see empty lots backyards Bucky's auto center city sorry say this bucket C. I just put out a cigarette with my tall red stiletto high heel my access press I'm having a good of a time so yeah so they're like everybody have a guard you have to be self sufficient now wait till you see this Tyra also in nineteen eighteen and influenza outbreak more Americans died of the flu than they did in the battlefield I got a famous Syrian it's nothing's gonna chaotic set for your love what I'm improvising okay okay yeah sorry you're supposed to yes yeah do not suspect we would call the block on the block so in World War two they did the same thing in a way that makes your time still here Tom is still there after I left what time is what made a sandwich shop he's right right well you never said that he was here so I thought maybe he was having a day off no no no no no okay are you showing your yes your film the water slash love story thank you so much we tell your the ending so World War two here we are check it out there's another war the whole world that it and at that time they said yeah we need the gardens again so between home school community gardens forty percent of the vegetables and fruits grown in the country were done by Americans regular twenty million gardeners so this is coming into play now because a lot of people are going to the grocery store they're seeing empty cells but also where's all the broccoli I went the other day there was one limp carrots that's the name my new band sorry limp biscuit anyway people are starting to do some gardening you're right it's just the beginning of gardening season not much to do now but now is when you would get your soil together so it's actually a really good time to start so seed companies are saying they're seeing a surge in sales before I let you talk one more thing in nineteen forty three the times had to run a story The New York Times to say the first year is the hardest because people were so upset when their guards in girl how they thought they would because none of these people knew what they were doing and guards don't always turn out how you think they're gonna say they the social pressure or it is plastic you see what your neighbors are doing so then you do it so if you saw your neighbors are doing you know buying clout to blow shortcut cracker cocaine white horse or smack no if you were to see that your neighbors are buying so instead of you okay we're going to make those yes I used to go to when I go to home depot working on some other project you see the lady pushed by you with her cart full of like tomatoes and there's all sorts of extra things like you know what I should do that it would all be interesting at it seems hello good intentions you set up your garden but then it's like Ford Asia forgot to water and then you go out there and then it's all sort of shriveled over yeah I'll never be a good guard and it takes forever here you have to wait until August for tomatoes months and months and months go by but it's but the world was United on World War two and people belt they did this because they did not want to have to ask their friends or neighbors for food so what percentage of forty percent of Americans were making thirty percent yes yes well twenty million Americans forty percent of food so I'm bummed out because I have a P. patch plot say about Tubbs Fazal but I got one last year and so I am being grown coffee beans in there like a rock B. as John I haven't eaten for three weeks of this card is not for me so last year when I was new to the garden and I didn't really know what I was doing it's so great to be a part of this P. patch which for people that now it's a community garden because all of these older people who've been gardening for forty years they just want to tell you everything so I would be in there just you know raking and they come by and you like it was like it was like insider trading like they just kept telling and I loved it because I did it yeah I made all of my decisions based on things they told me well now you know they're sending out emails saying you can go to your garden please do but you can't gather there anymore so now I don't have anyone to get advice from and I'm worried that my cards that can be very good this year then you have to sign up for the patching did you were you waiting before before other people in order to get the thing my friend got us the patch and she claims she was on the list for six years yeah see you got to know somebody right Tom yet no anybody's in that patch world neat no I don't yeah separate cell I tried hard to try to have wanted to manage in the latest is a three year waiting line well it's worth getting on the list because then in three years I'll get to have a garden know what you could do is go down the middle that you dig somebody else up more of like out of body situation I think it's getting better you have to talk about beans yet do it guess what boom time for beans while you're in the mood I just ate a lot of beans maybe that's why so speaking of empty cells I think a lot of people have noticed one of the items that has been missing besides toilet paper is a lot of the Camden the dried beans because they keep forever they have protein blah blah blah so this article is talking about the fact that these guys have who have been growing beans for decades are like well you guys you're like your what no one buys the beans ever and they're all shocked and surprised it's like the nerdy S. guy in schools like I'm home coming your phone this guy Tim McGreevey he is from where is he from summer in Washington Paul man he said he's never seen anything like this before he's been doing this for thirty years and Steve Sando who runs this heirloom beans supplier Rancho Gordo who all of our US food dorks we all know and we cherish Rancho Gordo but he says he used to be the loneliest guide the farmers market now he's gone from getting about a hundred and fifty orders a day to fourteen hundred orders a day that brand Gloria that you see a lot of their sales are up four hundred percent there's a problem because some people don't know how to cook the dried beans yes yeah also think about this everyone's quarantine cooped up eating beans no thanks more more yeah I don't know that wow learn the answer beans and.

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