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Covid or imposed penalties. That decision to lift the stay comes until the appellate court can review the case. I'm Michel, France and ABC News Co mo News. 1000 FM 97 7 Good morning once again 72 degrees Sunshine downtown 11 31 in our Top stories continue from the coma. 24 7 News Center. Thanks so much for making us a part of your day. Another Washington fire chief warns the governor's vaccine mandate may decimate his department. Almost Brian Calvert, with more chief Jeremy Evans heads up the West Valley Fire department in Yakima with this mandate. For example, here in West Valley, we would probably be short about 50% of our personnel. Why so many because his department is mostly volunteer. If a person has not been vaccine and which is their choice, I don't think losing your volunteer part time firefighting job is enough incentive to go out and vaccinated the governor's mandate. Non vaccinated firefighters can still go and fight flames. They just can't respond to medical emergencies. Chief, Evans says. Unfortunately, medical calls make up more than 75% of what they do so response. Time's will grow when time matters most, he says during the pandemic so far, not one of his crew members have caught the virus from a patient they were treating. Brian Calvert. Common use news time now. 11 32 The about 80. Students at staff and comedic and Middle school in Kirkland are quarantining at home after two students tested positive for coronavirus. The Lake Washington District says it's working on a plan in the next few days to offer more support to students who are learning at home. Dozens of people in Cleveland County showed up yesterday at the county courthouse during a commissioner's meeting again calling for the firing of health officer Dr Allison Barry. Almost Colleen Johnson. Public comment during yesterday's commission meeting took more than three hours with dozens of people, including Anthony Baker. Calling for Dr Barry's ouster as health officer for Callum and Jefferson counties. They oppose her requiring proof of a covid 19 vaccine card to go inside a bar or restaurant that took effect last Saturday. Dr Barry is ambassador and manipulation, words and statistics, but she won't reveal the sources or statistics she uses. Where's the science? It seems more like tyranny, Peninsula.

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